Stretch Zone in Roswell GA Helps Clients Conquer Back Pain And Thrive Again

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Stretching Techniques for Back Pain Relief and Mobility Restoration

Roswell, GA - April 1, 2019 - Back pain can severely restrict normal mobility and flexibility. It can also prevent you from enjoying sports and social activities with loved ones and friends. While pain relievers are harmful and addictive, there are ways to conquer back tension and restore your mobility. Stretch Zone in Roswell offers the perfect solution for anyone dealing with chronic or recurring back stress.

Stretch Zone addresses back pain from a neurological perspective. This re-educates the muscles to flex and contract properly to eliminate spasm and stiffness. The goal of stretching is to restore or achieve a full range of motion. This means you are using the muscles properly which protects the tendons, ligaments and surrounding structures.

Back pain can stem from herniated or bulging discs in the back. Similarly, it can be caused by compression of the [ sciatic] nerve, as well as sports injuries and especially obesity. However, stretching helps the body heal the pain by replenishing and rejuvenation the muscles from within. Core-based stretching unified the mind, body and spirit into a healthy and cohesive functional machine.

What was once relegated to pre-workout stretches is now its own unique application and science. Stretch Zone Method enables practitioners to be in control of their bodies for years to come. Range of motion is not about making the body more loose or elastic to combat back pain. However, this is a result that occurs when coupled with exercise and workout regimens. Stretching helps target back pain by retracting any disc problems and discomfort. At the same token, it alleviates pressure on the nerves, while fueling your body with the right energy for complete wellness and well-being.

Don't just settle for back pain. Contact Stretch Zone in Roswell today and get on the road to recovery.

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Stretch Zone in Roswell GA Helps Clients Conquer Back Pain And Thrive Again
Last updated: May 12, 2019
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