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A/N: W:winnie J:jacque

At winnie's house *-*

J:why do you have to leave me like this?!?!?!

W:sorryyy jacque (jackie) but my mom is super serious about me doing this traditional dancing thing so i have to go.

J:you suck im going to be sooo lonely.

W:you have your stupid hamster!!

J:whatever -.-

~winnie pov~

I love her and all but she is sometimes to much like bro im only going to be in seattle for a week tops.

I mean I don't even want to go.....i enjoy dancing especially traditional, but sometimes it's a pain.

J:heyyyyy aren't you going to pack?

W:I would but thats doing to much

J:for a dancer you sure are lazy.

W:you know it best fine help me pack

I packed light only important stuff cause ain't nobody got time for that!


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