Chapter 3

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Aviss arrived in Ionia and was welcomed by his two friends. "Howdy! And welcome home you stick talking psycho!" Dylon said laughing. "We waited a bit for you, you get stuck?" Aro asked. "Yeah got blasted through a window and messed up someone's lunch." Aviss said. "Damn I missed that?" Dylon said laughing his ass off. "Didn't you throw up talking to your crush in high school?" Aviss asked.

"I had a stomach flu! And it came outta nowhere!" Dylon said defending himself.

Aro and Aviss laughed their asses off and the three headed to a house they own. The three after high school split rent three ways and own a house. Dylon usually spent his time in the yards training his aim and cleaning his guns. Aro was in his room cooped up reading his books and listening to some girl band he always fawns over. Aviss hasn't been in the house for years. He then found some old comics and began reading, "it's good to be home." He then sits down reading while hearing the sound of bullets hitting tin. Aro then ran down the stairs almost falling. "Guys!!!" He then came in front of Aviss and was trying to catch his breath. "You're not gonna believe what happened!" Aro said with a smile. "A girl is talking to you? By choice?" Aviss said looking up from his book. Dylon came in with a smile, "take it easy Aviss, his game is good. Thanks to yours truly." Dylon said tipping his hat. "What game?! I'm sorry Dylon but there's no way you taught him how to pick up girls, your game is as awful as your accent." Aviss said chuckling. "First off, chicks dig the country accent. Secondly, let Aro tell us what's on his mind before he pisses himself." Dylon said pointing to Aro. "Thank you! Ok so you know that girl group I love?" Aro said with a smile that could light up a town with a power outage. "Uhhh I think so?" Dylon said. "KGB? KFC? KKK?" He said starting to think of the group. "Wow you suck at remembering's KDA!" Aro said. "Right. So why are you so excited?" Aviss asked. "Cause they're performing here!! In Ionia! Tonight!!" Aro exclaimed. "Great! We ain't going." Aviss said shutting him down. "Yeah sorry Aro, I got plans..with..something." Dylon said looking away and mumbling the last few words of his sentence. "Uhhh about that..." Aro said chuckling shyly. Aviss then stared at him in the eye. "Tell me you didn't get tickets." Aviss said staring at him. "Well, it's a funny story actually. So I ended up finding out...and I thought you two would say yes. So I went to Dylon's room and found the safe and took some money out and got the tickets." Aro said laughing embarrassingly. "You...did...WHAT?!" Dylon said, fuming his anger. "Relax! I'll pay you back I swear!" Aro said. "You are the last person to pay someone back! Remember 6 years ago when I had my special bow and arrow that I won in a raffle?" Aviss said. "Yeeeeah?" Aro said raising an eyebrow. "And you needed a special wood for one of your spells but thought my bow was a good substitute?" Aviss said already feeling his temper rising. "Details of a past failure. Trust me. This is a smart investment!" Aro said putting his hands on his hips proudly.

"If I don't get that money back or the experience isn't as great as you say it is I'm gonna kick your ass so bad your ancestors will feel it Aro." Dylon said as he crossed his arms.

6 hours pass
Aviss then looked at himself in the mirror, "eh not bad looking."

"Even a blind person would vomit at your appearance." Epis said snickering. "Yeah this is why I'm not taking you." Aviss said grinning. "What?! You can't do that! I am the eternal one!" Elpis exclaimed. "What's that? I'm sorry I don't speak pussy bitch." Aviss said as he closed the door and left with his friends.

The three got dressed for KDA's performance. Aviss with an opened jacket, t-shirt and jeans, Dylon with a leather jacket and black jeans, Aro with a hoodie and joggers. They arrived at the concert and were surrounded by fangirls and fanboys which honestly made the experience a bit rough for Aviss and Dylon. What shocked them more was when Aro was singing along to their songs and singing the background noises too. Their final song was Pop/Stars, which honestly was incredibly catchy to the two that didn't listen to their songs.

The girls then left the stage and thanked the audience for participating with them and left. Aviss, Aro and Dylon left the concert with the others and took a turn to get home. They then saw the girls getting on their bus when a random thug came by and grabbed one of them. "Oh wow! This ass is bigger in person!" The creep said grabbing the one with the fox tails. "Hey!" Dylon shouted, the creep looked up and saw a revolver spinning towards him, it hit him square in the face and he fell down. "Ah!! You broke my nose!" He screamed, the revolver bounced off the creep's nose and Dylon caught, holstering the weapon. "Oh trust me a lot more will be broken if you don't start hightailing outta here!" He shouted. The man got up and ran for the alleyways. The fox girl sighed and caught her breath, "thank you sir..." she said smiling. "Eh, anything for a pretty girl." Dylon said winking. Aviss just groaned in the back and Aro was just speechless that Dylon just spoke to one of the members like She was a chick at a bar. "Not bad cowboy...gotta admit that was a pretty damn impressive throw." A memeber said as she lowered her shades with her noticeable golden claws. "And pretty nice catch too." Another member said with buns/pigtails on her head. "Eh, it's all in the wrist." Dylon said with a charming look. "Oh come on Dylon! I could've done that with my eyes closed!" Aviss said from the background. "Step off Aviss! You didn't want to help these poor souls anyway!" Dylon shot back. "Hold up! I know that voice! That's the same asshat that ruined our lunch!" A girl with a cap and jacket said as she bursted through the group. "Uh oh." Aviss said real quietly. "Yeah! That's him! Just got up and ran off!" The girl replied putting a hand on her hip. "You ruined their lunch and didn't pay for it?" Aro said looking at Aviss. "Aro. Don't do what I think you're about to do."

"I'll buy you guys dinner! On me!" Aro said smiling.

"This is why we think you're a bottom Aro." Aviss said with a growl.

The boys and the girls went to a local restaurant. Aro was smiling like an absolute idiot as he sits there with his favorite group, Aviss is having a stare down with the girl that called him out and Dylon is having a convo with the other three girls. "So. What are y'all names?" Dylon asked. "I'm Ahiri." The fox girl said with a cute smile, "I'm Evelynn~" the girl with the golden claws said with a sultry voice. "I'm Kai'sa. But you can call me Kai." She said with a wink.  "I'm Akali." The girl with the cap and jacket said, smiling to the cowboy, then immediately giving Aviss a glare.

Dylon pointed to himself. "Names Dylon. Professional Bounty Hunter and Crackshot." He said proudly.

"More like crackhead." Aviss muttered.

"The one that's still processing that he's sitting with you guys is Aro. Loves your music to pieces." Dylon said. "Always nice to meet a fan!" Kai said. "You don't listen to our music?" Evelynn asked Dylon and Aviss. "I don't get around to it very much." Dylon said. "I don't listen to it." Aviss said. "But! The last song was catchy as hell." Dylon admitted. "Yeah it was alright." Aviss mumbled. "The one having a staring contest with your rapper is Aviss. The asshole." Dylon said. "Least I don't hide my face behind bandana." Aviss hissed. "Yeah why do you wear that? Trying to be mysterious?~" Ahiri said trying to move the bandana down, to which Dylon backed up. "Just am injury I got. It'll put y'all off your dinner so don't worry." He said quickly. Ahiri just gave a cute pout while everyone else ate their food.

Aro, using Dylon's money, paid for the dinner and the three escorted them to their bus. "Thanks for the dinner Aro!" Kai said waving to the three. "It was my pleasure!" Aro said smiling, "and my money." Dylon growled to him. "Bye mysterious cowboy!" Ahiri said smiling cutely. Evelynn just waved at the three and went with Ahiri to the bus. Akali was the last, she gave Aviss the finger to which he shot one back, the two continued to make angry faces until they left. "Well that was fun wasn't it?" Aro asked. "Eh. Didn't like getting called out like that from the likes of her." Aviss said with some salt. "Haha I don't know, I thought it was pretty funny." Dylon said as he patted his pockets. "Sonuvabitch!" He shouted. "What is it?!" Aro said.

"I didn't get their numbers..." Dylon said as he knelt to the ground in defeat.

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