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[pickles from the jar - courtney barnett]

“y/n, i already told you to sleep.,” mum said for the fourth time, she caught me reading a book.

“mum, i don't go to school anymore, remember?” i reminded as i cover myself with a blanket. “i'm nearly for with this book, just... a few more chapters left?”

“no, you need more sleep.”


“no more excuses, young lady.” she switched the lights off then closed the door. i groaned as i dropped my book on the floor.

“but i can't sleep...” i whined. i took a pillow then placed it on my face, trying to make myself sleep. but i couldn't, there was a lot of things going inside my head. all of a sudden, a random tune played popped into my mind. i wasn't really sure if the tune existed, but it sounded familiar.

i stood up from my bed then tiptoed to my door to see if no one was awake. i opened the door then noticed that their lights were off. “okay,” i sighed in relief.

i went downstairs then took my mum's laptop on the table. as i was about to go back to my room, my door loudly creaked. i heard footsteps coming from my brother's room so i went inside my room immediately then locked the door shut.

i placed my mum's laptop on the desk then took my ukulele. it was a little weird that some random tune came into my mind, it sounded so familiar yet it also sounded like i haven't heard of it.

all of a sudden, i decided to make a song. hopefully, i wouldn't cringe on it. what i had in mind was a love song.

i took my journal and a pen from one of my drawers then started writing on what i had in mind.

i wrote the chords of the tune that i had in my mind then downloaded that application that robin told me he uses for his music.

since i was wide awake, i told myself to finish this until i fall asleep. it took me two hours to finish the whole song, it surprised me. i was pretty satisfied with the lyrics, I've never felt this satisfied on my own song.


days later, after recording and editing the song, i posted the song on my youtube account, my bandcamp (robin helped me make an account), soundcloud, spotify, etc.

binbin uwu: hey

robin messaged as i was randomly scrolling through some facebook posts.

bunbun uwu: sup boo

both of us started to call random names ironically. we'd call each other bro, boo, bae, fam; kind of weird but i didn't really mind it that much.

binbin uwu: i have a question

bunbun uwu: spill

binbin uwu: you know that i will be having a tour this summer, right?

bunbun uwu: yeah, it starts at june if i'm not mistaken...

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