Escaped Part 2

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We sit in a more secluded part of hell together. It was harder than it looks to find it.
"Well come on Dante spit it out. What's your plan?" Says Twitchy impatiently. I snap out of my plan-thinking mode.
"Be patient Twitch. I'm still brainstorming. I GOT IT!" I exclaim. Twitchy jumps back in shock.
"Alrighty. You know the room, with the ouija board stuff right?" He nods. "Well, we're gonna go in there, act like we're just having some fun with scaring some dumb teenagers, and then we're gonna bust right through and make a run." I explain. Twitchy ponders for a minute, probably ready to refuse again but then he has a slight flash of confidence in his eyes and says, "Ok Dante. If that's the best you got."

Getting up to the ouija room started to play with my nerves too. But I wasn't as nervous as Twitchy. He was shaking real bad and I was convinced I'd have to carry him through the whole operation. When we got there, I told Twitchy to play it cool. We didn't want a guard on our backs.
Lemme explain what this whole ouija board room was like. You had some weird word thing where you could respond to the little humans trying to communicate. You had a perception from the board point of view, so then you were forced to stare at some dumb teen boy's face and his other friends. And if you tried hard enough, then boom, you're a demon in the room. Hopefully none of the kids have any holy water or crosses, because then it's easier for us to hang around.
Twitchy and I find an open spot. There's two kids, both boys and looked about ten. "Alright Twitchy here's our chance." Communicating took a little, saying weird shit and laughing when the two kids were arguing, "Hey you're moving it! No you're moving it! Nuh uh look-it you're moving it." I turned around to see one of the guards. Sylvia. Sylvia was a strong guard. The Devil's best of them all. Strong willed and minded. We make eye contact and i could feel my paranoia grow, but she laughed and said, "Dumb kids. Always thinking that the other's Guilty. Why even play with the board if you're just gonna blame the other?" I assume i'm safe and whisper to Twitchy. "Here's our chance Twitchy. Come on!" I grab him by his scruff and hit the button that would let us transport.

It was quick, which made me assume that these young boys were not being careful. Needless to say, that wasn't negatively affecting me. Running through, I heard Sylvia shout "OH NO YOU DON'T!" and running. We had split seconds. I wasn't able to get a closer look and know my surroundings here at this house. We get through the houses front door as soon as we saw Sylvia pop through. The kids were cursing and said "Come on this is bullshit." As if they were angry, but I could hear the fear and uncertainty in their voice. I'm still holding onto Twitchy and don't plan on letting go even when we're outside. I could hear Sylvia behind us. "You little shits! I knew you were up to no good. I should've stayed behind your back before." I don't look behind, I don't smile and taunt her like I normally would. I keep sprinting making sure I don't let go of poor Twitchy, who by the way had just gone limp but I could tell he was still conscious. His clock eye was going mad. We said nothing and I keep running. After what feels like forever, I turn around with no trace of Sylvia. I sigh with relief and let go of Twitchy, who doesn't even float when I let him go. He falls straight to the ground, he wasn't even the one running!
"I-is she gone Dante?" Twitchy stammers out.
"Sure hope so. We gotta find a place to stay and hide." It's still night time. This was the first time I've actually seen nighttime. And snow. We walk until Twitchy exclaims "Dante look, it's an empty house!" And he was right, there really was an empty house. We walk, relieved, to this mansion.

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