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"I'll just stay on the sidelines, I won't get involved," Sadie said to Steve and Natasha as they stood outside the door which led to the roof; the would-be the site of their interrogation of Jasper Sitwell. Sam had gone ahead to secure the target, now they just waited for his arrival. "You taught me a few things, and I managed to hold you off, didn't I?"

"I didn't seriously attack you, Isadora," Steve said firmly. "But if this mission gets intercepted, I can guarantee that HYDRA will try to harm you. It's best if we eliminate the risk."

And get her out of the way. Sadie knew that he was trying to protect her, but it didn't sit well with her. The truth was, she knew it was highly likely that there would be a fight by the end of the day, but she would much rather be here, ready to help Steve, and Sam, and Natasha when they inevitably get hurt, as opposed to just spending the day off seeing the sights of DC.

"Look, Moore," Natasha said, with no tone of aggression. "We wouldn't step into your OR. Leave it to us, we're professionals at this."

"I'm a diagnostician, not a surgeon," Sadie politely corrected. "If worst comes to worse I'll... make a force field or something."

Steve didn't look all too convinced. "Show us."

Well, that certainly put her on the spot. Natasha gave her an encouraging half-smile, but Steve's expression didn't show any signs of him buckling. The laughter filled Steve Rogers she'd danced with last night had been put to the side- she truly was dealing with 'Captain America'.

Sadie concentrated, for a second, closing her eyes and imagining a blue bubble around her, like she had seen on television. She imagined that the bubble was impenetrable, imagined bullets getting stuck in the thickness of it. Then she opened her eyes, watching her hands as they began to glow, and blue light extended from them forming rectangle in front of her.

It wasn't what she was aiming for, but it would prove her point, at least.

"Let's test it out," Nat shrugged, before aiming a hard kick at the force field, only to stumble backwards. Pride surged in Sadie's stomach. "Well, it sure does the job."

"It's not enough," Steve said. "You're still vulnerable on all other sides."

Sadie refrained from mentioning that Steve's own shield left him with the exact same problem. She figured now wasn't the time for smart replies.

That was when Natasha spoke up, "You saw the coffee shop across the street? Get yourself a drink, leave this to us, and we'll meet you back at Sam's."

Before she had a chance to argue however, Sam Wilson entered the hall, and sure enough, Jasper Sitwell was being pushed in front, his hands tied and a paper bag over his head. There was no communication, apart from a silent nod from Sam, who turned immediately back on himself, heading to play his part of the plan.

"Look, I don't want any trouble man," Jasper's voice was shaky, but he got no answer.

Instead Steve just held Sadie's glare, mouthing for her to go. She rolled her eyes before walking away down the hall, turning back to see Natasha pulling off the bag and cutting free Jasper's wrists before Steve pushed him through the door and onto the roof. Once they were all gone, Sadie turned back around, and followed them out, confident Steve wouldn't argue in the middle of an interrogation. That was an understatement. He seemed to be so invested in getting answers, that he didn't notice her at all.

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