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Chapter Nine

I slowly peered around the thick, red velvet curtain to find thousands of eyes staring back at me. Amy gave me a reassuring look before gently nudging my side. It all felt like a dream; the crowd, the judges, everything.

“Niall,” Amy whispered. Her voice echoed around my head, sending goosebumps to prickle at my skin. I could feel my heart pounding against my chest.

The nerves were almost unbearable.

I took in a deep breath as Amy’s hand found its way onto my back. Attempting to regulate my breathing once again, I took one long stride onto the darkened wood. My pace had quickly changed to a lively jog as I was greeted by a thunderous roar uplifting from the crowd.

Was I really about to do this?


I fumbled around with the plastic bottle, contemplating whether I should take them or not. The idea of it was so tempting. It had my heart racing at the thought of ending it all; practically rewinding the pain.

A constant tapping of water droplets from the faucet invaded my thoughts and I could feel my fingers starting to tap violently on the plastic in frustration. I needed to distract myself from them before I did anything I know I would regret.

I pushed up off of the bed and strode out the room, mind drifting off occasionally. I had been counting every single day since the day of her funeral - exactly 56. It was finally starting to sink in, after months of denial, tears and pain, it actually felt real.

I threw on a coat before making my way out the front door. My feet hit the pavement with a thud as I breathed in the cold London air. People scurried past me as I made my way down the main road to the cemetery. I could barely concentrate on anything with the thought of her floating in my mind.

I just needed to feel her presence somehow. To just talk to her, cry to her.

I just needed her, and I was starting to give up all hope.

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