Yandere! Kaminari Denki (Lemon) Pt. Two

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What can I say? It was in demand😉

The girl struggled against the bonds holding her wrists as Denki's tongue trailed up her neck. He kissed her ear softly, only to bite into it.
"You shouldn't fight me, you know." He pressed himself against her. "I'm not a bad guy, I just really, really, really like you."
He pressed his lips to hers and trailed his hand down her body. Her shirt had already been taken off before she woke up, due to his unwavering need for her. He didn't want to wait, but he obviously wasn't going to have sex with her while she was still passed out. That was just rude.
His fingers hooked under her leggings, trailing them down until they slid off completely. He didn't even bother to take off her skirt. All while he was doing this she was being kissed roughly by him, his tongue probing her lips until he finally pushed through, his warm tongue sliding against her own.
She was definitely not okay with this. This perv (who was her brother best friend, mind you) was violating her and she couldn't do anything about it. The cuffs he had her in somehow disabled her Quirk, so in all senses, she was utterly helpless. That sucked.

"Hah, you're so cute." Denki cooed out, his fingers rubbing over her panties. (Y/n) glared at him cutely, only fueling his need for her. How someone could look so sexy and cute at the same time made absolutely no sense to him whatsoever.
She squeaked out loudly when he dipped a finger inside of her. Even though she was the one being touched, he was the one making all of the noise.
He moaned softly into her neck and sucked on the spot he had bitten into earlier. Suddenly she couldn't deny the pleasure starting to bubble up.
"Ah!" She helped as she felt Denki's free hand start to play with her sensitive nipples.
"What are you-"
"You can't expect me not to when you look so fucking cute~"

You would have thought by now he would be trying to fuck her senseless, but no. His fingers were pushing in and out of her slowly and sometimes he would deliver a little shock, just to keep her on her toes.
"Mn, n-no!" Was all (Y/n) could mutter out before she came around his (apparently) skilled fingers. He pumped his fingers gently while she came down from her first ever orgasm.

She looked up at him, drops of sweat on her eyebrow.
His golden eyes looking at her with almost uncontrollable lust. It would have made her laugh if they were in any other situation.
Before she could think she felt something else pushing into her, only this time it wasn't his fingers. She choked out a sob as he pushed himself deeper inside of her. He was whining and groaning against her, acting as if he'd waited for this since they'd met.
"Hah... feels good." He said and started to move his hips in a slow motion.
She was virgin and he knew that. He was going gentle and slow for that exact purpose.
She gripped his shoulders, her face hid away. Denki smiled, kissing her forehead.

For a creep he was acting pretty sweet.

His thrusts were still gentle, but slowly getting erratic. His breaths were labored, and of course this meant on,y one thing. (Y/n) being the virgin she is though, didn't know.
She yelped hotly as she reached her final orgasm and clung to the blonde above her and bit into his shoulder. This is what ended up driving Denki over edge. He pushed himself as deep into her as he could and shuddered. Spasms happened as each rope of cum spilled into her. He gripped her around the hips and gave one more accidental shock before finishing completely.

She breathed heavily, her heart nearly beating out of her chest. Then she realized what just happened.

"Mm, don't get too upset. You'll look cute when you're pregnant."

He did it on purpose.

This chapter is way longer than I expected it to be...
Also, my demisexual ass can't write anything kinky. Feelings have to be involved or I'll be upset.

Anyways, what should I do next? More lemons?

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