Chapter 6

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After yet another confrontation with Middle Point, Braulia is too furious to notice that Jeongyeon and Momo are still at their door threshold, laughing under their breath and making snide comments.

Jeongyeon: Seeing how they went hysteric in a matter of minutes is priceless!

Momo: If only I could snap a picture...

Jeongyeon: Hahaha!

Momo: Uh-oh. Psycho Woman is still approaching us.

Jeongyeon: Who, Brallia?

Indeed, she notices that Braulia is tapping her shoulder.

Braulia: What are you talking about, ladies?

Jeongyeon: Nothing serious. Just teasing your little princesses.

Braulia: (raises an eyebrow) You know, I'm not going to pamper them anymore. They should start and take accountability for their mistakes for once.

Jeongyeon: What are you talking about?

Braulia: The huge mess they made in their room.

Momo: Oh, just that? Hearing Lenzie scowl at everyone made me laugh!

Braulia: Oh, that's interesting.

Jeongyeon: As much as knowing that it's all a prank?

Braulia: Are you two involved in that mess? If so, tell me now.

Momo: Jeongyeon, are you crazy? We don't-

Jeongyeon: Of course. Those prissy bitches deserved a lesson, anyway.

Braulia: Where did you find the paint?

Jeongyeon: In the janitor's room.

Braulia: And I guess you also moved the beds by yourselves, or did you ask for help?

Momo: No way! We moved them ourselves.

Braulia: I shouldn't have underestimated you three years ago. I thought you were only nine cute little girls.

Momo: And?

Braulia: Listen, I suggest a pact. I won't tell anyone it was you, but on one condition.

Jeongyeon: What?

Braulia: We have dinner together.


TWICE and Middle Point are having dinner all together. At the same table. With Braulia. This is inevitable, especially after Jeongyeon and Momo reluctantly accepted to respect her pact.

Nayeon: (to Jeongyeon) Please, tell me this is a joke! She's staring at me in that stalker-ish way I don't like!

Jeongyeon: I promise, it's for a good cause.

Nayeon: Yeah, I hope so, or you're dead.

Abbygayle: Braulia, why are we having dinner with Little Miss Sunshine (points at Dahyun) and her stupid friends?

Braulia: Because I think it's time to pull differences aside. Plus, fans would love to see two groups get along.

Mina: (to Momo) I don't think it's working...

Momo: Shhh!

Lenzie: That's bullshit!

Nayeon: Your rambling is bullshit!

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