"What?!" Aryanna screamed. Jay and Robin winced at her sudden outburst. "Are you serious?! Please tell me you're kidding!"

"We're not..." Jay replied. "They're really close like brother and sister close. You didn't know?"

"No!" Aryanna yelled. "If I knew, I wouldn't let Angel be going with that...that...traitor! I have to tell Angel. She needs to know this right now." Quickly, she ran upstairs and grabbed her phone. Looking for Angel's number, she immediately clicked call.

Ring...Ring...Ring...Ring... "C'mon Angel! Pick-up!" Aryanna whispered to herself. Ring...Ring...I'm sorry. The number you called is unavailable at the moment. Please record your message after the beep......Beep.

"Angel!" Aryanna yelled. "It's Aryanna! Call me as soon as you hear this. It's urgent." Hanging up, she sighed. Walking downstairs, she noticed a calling card on the table next to the stairs and landline. Picking it up, she read it outloud.

"Montgomery & Co. 245-678-0987," Aryanna whispered. She typed in the number on her phone and clicked call.

"You have called Montgomery and Co. Dial 1 if you are an associate. Dial 2 if you'd like to speak with Mr. Montgomery, only for associates. Dial 3 if you'd like to step up an appointment. Dial 4 if you'd like to speak with our customer service." Guessing that she wouldn't get a better option, Aryanna pressed 4. "You have chosen to speak with customer service. Please hold while we transfer you to our customer service and have a great day."

Waiting after what seemed like 2 hours, Aryanna was finally talking to an actual human through the phone.

"Hello this is Montgomery and Co, you are currently speaking with the daughter of Mr. Montgomery, Adeline Montgomery, what may I assist you with?" Aryanna's anger had risen up even more.

"Yes," Aryanna started, "I was wondering what you would do if someone were to, I don't know, make their cousin go after their enemy's best friend in an attempt to make their enemy suffer?"

Adeline smirked and replied, "I'm sorry, I think you've dialed the wrong number. This isn't the help Aryanna Villamour hotline, it's actually the complete opposite."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I have dialed the wrong number. I didn't realize I was talking to the devil. Do you know the number for karma? I hear they're perfect for dealing with people much like you." Aryanna chuckled, hearing Adeline growl.

"I hate you."

"The feeling's mutual darling. Don't worry." Adeline rolled her eyes.

"What did you want again? To provoke me? Cause you sure are doing a great job with that."

"Thanks! I work really hard to provoke you cause you know, I don't spend my time making my cousin date my enemy's best friend." There was a harsh tone to Aryanna's voice. Adeline simply laughed, and laughed.

"What are you talking about now? I have many cousins you know and if you hadn't noticed, many enemies as well." Adeline emphazised enemies and she recieved a scowl from Aryanna. "Oh I'm sorry, were we talking about you? It's just that this stupid person made me listen to this awful CD, it hurt my ears...they have really bad taste..." You could sense the sarcasm in her voice.

"Why are you messing with Angel," Aryanna hissed, ready to attack the phone if it was possible.

"Messing with her?" Adeline asked faking shock. "No darling. I'm just making my cousin do my...dirty work. It would be bad for my reputation if I was seen pretending to like Angel because if you hadn't noticed, I'm a girl."

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