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This is the second time, Jungkook has been late for work due to oversleeping. After he got washed up and dressed in his casual clothes, white long-sleeved shirt, and denim jeans, he leaves out of his apartment and rushes across the busy street of Seoul and does not bother to have breakfast before he goes to work.

He rushes to his usual coffee place to get one for his boss, Ms. Lalisa which is one of her favorite places to have one for her morning coffee.

Thank god, the place is not yet filled with a long queue and this is his opportunity to get one for her coffee.

"Hey, Jungkook!". The barista greeted him once Jungkook came in front of the counter. "Here, your regular Cappuccino".

"Oh, thank you so much!". Jungkook breathed out and thanked him.

After Jungkook had paid the coffee, he rushes out of the coffee shop and continues to run across the street as quickly as possible before his boss arrived.

Catching his breath, Jungkook already stood by the massive building in front of him, The Lisouille Company. With one Cappuccino in his one hand, he speeds up his walk through the lobby and rushes to the lift doors before it's close.

Just in time, his backpack is crashing to the rest of the bodies behind him. "Sorry". He muttered, slightly bowing to the people behind him. He heaves a sighed once the door close.


Lalisa gets out of her Audi car with her Louis Vuitton black glasses on and her Celine handbag perfectly hangs in her arm.

She entered the building as she was greeted by her co-workers. "Good morning, Ms. Lalisa". Some of them greeted but Lalisa just struts her way through the lobby.


When the lift reaches to where the open office situated, Jungkook rushes out of the lift once the lift door open.

"Hey Jungkook, overslept again?". His friend, Taehyung asked with his boxy smile.

Jungkook didn't bother to reply to him and rushes to Ms. Lalisa's office.

"Okay...". Taehyung just shrugged his shoulders when he just walked away from him.

"Everyone, get your ass back in your desk, 8:30, Miss Lalisa is here!". One of the female workers shouted from the doorway.

Everyone began rushing and scurrying to make their way to the desk even Taehyung runs to his desk, pretending to do his work on his laptop.

Once they heard familiar heels clicking onto the floor, they all peeked as Lalisa make her way through the door. She took off her glasses and put it on top of her head and didn't bother to look around her or being watched by her co-workers.

Her face remained serious, calm and straight to make her way to her office.

Jungkook, on the other hand, waiting in her office, nervously even though, her desk already prepared by him with a cup of coffee on her desk even her copies has organized well.

Jungkook, an instant, bowing to Lalisa's arrival. "Good morning boss". He greeted.

"Morning". She replied, nonchalantly. She took off her leather jacket and hangs it on the coat rack and her white shirt, then tucked in her denim jeans. She then, making her way to sit behind her desk. "I want you to cancel all my appointment this afternoon and I have a meeting with Simone". She stated while her attention on her desktop screen.

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