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"I don't want to go," Andrew stated as he flung the covers back over both his and Blue's head, completely ignoring both his editors lingering in the doorway to his bedroom.

"Oh, come on," Martin grumbled, propping his arms on his hips. "It's been six months since you won your award, and they were already going to turn it into a movie. This is a celebration, and it'll be a lot of fun."

"Don't care. Leave," Andrew grumbled as he continued to cuddle into Blue's lap.

"Can't we have this conversation over breakfast instead of the bedroom?" Blue snapped, waving their fist at both Martin and Marcy.

"Why would you-"

"Martin, leave," Marcy growled at him as she grabbed one of Andrew's shirts off his floor to toss to Blue. "It's not polite."

"Says the people who interrupted us while we were having sex," Andrew glared.

"I guess wearing this really does mean it's over," Blue sighed. Sliding the shirt on, they crawled out of bed to grab their underwear and proceeded to exit the room and head to the kitchen.

"Come on, Andrew," Marcy groaned as she pinched the waistband of his boxers to hand to him. He deadpanned. "I am not touching your underwear now that you're dating someone- Oh! Is that why you don't want to go? Because you don't want to leave Blue behind?"

"May I remind you that I don't like parties to begin with?" he deadpanned. "And yes, I would hate to have Blue miss out. I would need them there by my side to make it through the evening, but with us tiptoeing around everyone, we can't exactly come out as dating. They still refuse to tell their brother about us."

"They're not ashamed of you, are they?" she questioned as she sat on the edge of the bed.

"No, it's just...how do I explain it- We're just comfortable at the moment. We're still figuring this relationship out, and while we're at a comfortable place, we don't know what will happen when change comes. We're waiting for the right moment to allow a new conflict in, because while we don't have to, we won't. We want to enjoy our privacy for as long as possible.

"I want the same thing, but I know nothing will change when we tell Luke. He'll be pissed at first for keeping it from him, but then he'll just smile and be happy for the both of us and keep it a secret. But Blue isn't ready to tell him, so I won't force them to. When the time is right, we'll tell him, but we're enjoying our current privacy. Why can't we continue to enjoy it?"

"No, no, I understand completely. But that doesn't mean Blue can't come," she encouraged.

"It's a private party."


"So how can you let them in?"

Placing her hand over his, she patted it before standing up. "We'll find a way." Hand on the doorknob, she questioned, "If we do, will you go?"

Staying silent, Andrew hung his head, knowing he was going to dig his own grave. "I'll consider it."

"A maybe," she whispered as she opened the door, "is not a no."

In the kitchen, Martin sat at the kitchen island. Head slumped into his hands, he pouted at Blue. "Can't you convince to Andrew to go to the party?"

"Why would I do anything for you after you walked in on us having sex and then didn't proceed to apologize and leave right away?" they grumbled, clenching the spatula in their fist. "So, why, huh?"

"Why what?" he blankly asked.

"Why didn't you leave right away?" they shouted.

"I don't care what the two of you are in the middle of. It's my job as an editor to make sure Andrew's work gets done on time, and that includes him going to parties he has to attend," he stated.

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