⚽️ Federico Bernardeschi ⚽️

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Federico Rockstar Bernardeschi

- Is Italian, that's enough to marry him

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- Is Italian, that's enough to marry him

- Loves to sing for you

- Also writing songs for you with his guitar

- Loves his dog more than anything else (in Italy a tv show pranked him on his dog after the Supercoppa italiana that he won)

- Loves the good life

- Takes you to the nicest places

- Romantic dreamer

- He can dress fashionable and not embarrass you in mundane events with his outfits

- Loves when you play with his hair (his hair look so soft, I want to touch them.)

- Teaches you Italian (and suddenly I do not speak Italian anymore... scherzo, non potrei mai!! Troppa poesia!!)

- Constantly flirts with you

- Loves to have his nephew with him at home

- 100% Italian so he lives the best life (just like us Russian!!)

- Can I have him??

And nothing, Federico orgoglio nazionale!! FEDERÍ SEI ER MEJO!!
~ Светлана✨

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