Chapter 5

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While Middle Point are shaken by their manager's shocking decision to force them into holidays, TWICE have split into groups for some fun activities. In particular, the maknae line are enjoying themselves at the cinema, making fun of the protagonists of a cheesy rom-com.

Tzuyu: (giggles) Hihihi... Look at her...

Dahyun: (giggles) She's so ridiculous...

Chaeyoung: Why do boys always have to hit on girls with those cheesy pick-up lines?

Dahyun: (giggles) Yeah, they're so lame...

Chaeyoung: Shhh!

Someone is giving them a hard stare. They, however, ignore that person and go back to watching the film and occasionally munching popcorn.

Dahyun: Oops...

As the movie is finally over and ending credits roll, the three girls stand up to leave the building when they're stopped by someone clinging to Dahyun's skirt. She turns back to find a little girl with pleading eyes.

???: Hey, you're Dahyun from TWICE, right? Can I take a picture with you?

Dahyun: I-

Chaeyoung: Who is your little friend?

Dahyun: She only wants a picture.

Tzuyu: I also want a picture.

Chaeyoung: We can't take pictures here.

???: Let's go out, then.

As they get out of the building, the little girl asks the three older girls questions non-stop, even personal ones.

???: Why are you here?

Tzuyu: Okay, you're asking too many questions...

Chaeyoung: Where are your parents? You know you can't stay with us, right?

???: But I... I... (Cries) My parents ditched me and my sister to go playing golf.

Dahyun: They're so selfish!

Chaeyoung: Your sister? But where is she? She should've been with you, right?

???: Yes, but she went to the toilet as the movie finished... I haven't seen her after since.

Dahyun: Maybe she's looking for you...

???: Or making out with her boyfriend.

Tzuyu: Gross!

Chaeyoung: Okay, okay, while you're waiting for her, what about that picture?

???: Yay!

Dahyun: Okay, but what's your name?

???: Paige.

Dahyun: Okay... Paige... (Extracts her phone) Say cheese.

Paige: Hold on! (Extracts her own phone) Take this. I'm going to send it to Brenna, as well.

Tzuyu: Brenna?

Paige: She's my sister.

The little group takes pictures for ten minutes straight, until Brenna, Paige's older sister, who must be about sixteen, shows up with a boy her age.

Brenna: Come on, Paige. Mom and Dad have just called me and are going to be late tonight. I'm driving you back home. (Turns to the other girls) What the hell are you doing with those girls? You can't talk to strangers!

Chaeyoung: Hey!

Paige: They're not strangers! They're TWICE!

Brenna: Yeah, and I'm Gigi Hadid. (Drags her little sister away) Come on, let's go!

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