⚽️ Joshua Kimmich ⚽️

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Joshua Sassy Queen Kimmich

- Thinks Manuel Neuer is his dad

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- Thinks Manuel Neuer is his dad

- You think he's all cute and innocent, in reality he's a little bitch

- Just like cats, you love them but they are evil, but we keep loving the same

- Thinks Niklas Süle is his big brother

- Thomas Müller will move in your house to control that he do not drink too much (listen I'm too lazy to use translator, so...)

- The Queen of Sassy

- Hates when boys look at you, so he call Brate Niklas to beat their shit out

- Loves experiencing new things with you

- Sweet only with you

- Gives you his beer if you do not have it

- Also his jacket if you are cold

- Marty him, he must be protected

- You will do amazing travels around the world

Let's protect Joshua Kimmich. I love him, my little cute bitch!!❤️
- Светлана✨

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