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Marco Too Cool Reus

- Too cool for this shit

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- Too cool for this shit

- Will most likely leave everything and go to a worldwide tour with Justin Bieber

- So do not worry, he will come back once tour is over

- Took the driver license for you

- Loyal man like he is to Borussia

- Pantene at a certain point will start calling you to make him convince to become their new testimonial

- Every morning he says to you a cheesy pick up line

- Compliments you like a lot

- Loves to take you to shopping, and maybe in the end you will look like the mad husband and he the excited wife

- Loves to match outfits with you

- Will take a bullet for you (now please make 🤘🏻 so nothing bad can happen to this little diamond)

- Maybe the only man in the world who truly cares and worried about all the wedding decorations

I still have to understand if his hair are blonde or red...🤔🤔
~ Светлана✨

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