Chapter 26

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Here I am. I should be resting because I'm sick. But I thought because I only update once on the weekend I thought I'd give you another update.

Heh. I almost forget these guys were still in school. My bad.



"I hate Mondays. I hate this place. Can we go home and see KitKat now?" Lance groaned.

"Nope." Keith replied dragging him down to the foods room with Hunk and Shay not to far behind. "We are cooking today! We have to bring something back for KitKat!"

"What are we making anyways?" Lance questioned.

"We are making." Mrs. Jackson paused for a dramatic effect. "Candy Apples!"

(A/n fun fact. I took foods class before and my group and I had to make candy apples.... that didn't work to much. Considering we couldn't cook. So instead it was an apple on a stick.)

"As usual, everything is on the counter!" Mrs. J explained. "Ready. Set. Go!"

"Oh so next month." Keith started. "We are taking Kora to the fair."

"Sounds good." Lance said pouring the ingredients into a bowl with Hunk.

"Matt and Hailey are tagging along as well. Hunk, Shay you guys can tag along If you would like." Keith said.

"That sounds great!" Hunk laughed.

"The candy coating is ready." Shay said. "And yes that does sound great."

The group grabbed some apple and dipped then into the sugary coating.

"Lance." Keith said. "Can you hold my apple for a second."

"Sure baby." Lance grabbed Keith's apple and watched as Keith walked over to Mrs. Jackson.

"Hey Mrs. J?" Keith asked.

"Yes Keith?"

"Can I have another apple? My mom recently adopted a little girl. She's never had anything like this. So I was just wondering if I could bring one home to her." Keith explained.

"Of course Keith!" Mrs J said and handed him another apple. "I hope she enjoys it."

"Thank you." Keith replied and took the apple heading back to his group.

Keith took a stick and stuck it in the apple before dipping it into the blue Sugary coating.

"Once your apples are done." Mrs. Jackson announced. "Wrap them up in the plastic beside you and seal it closed with the twist ties!"

Hunk, Shay, Keith and Lance followed the instructions.

"All done." Shay said. "Why did you get another apple Keith?"

"For Kora." He said.

"Oh yeah! She's going to love it." Hunk said decorating the plastic. "Make sure she gets this one!"

"Don't worry Hunk." Keith laughed. "I'll make sure she gets that one."

Not long after the bell went and everyone was on their way to second period.

"I hate History but I like the teacher." Lance sighed and wrapped his arm around Keith's shoulder.

"We will get through it." Keith said patting his soulmates chest.

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