(44) Demons Onslaught

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         I wasn’t sure what had happened between Aeron and Tesulan. I wasn’t even sure, how Aeron had came out of nowhere. But, I knew some things. Aeron was dead, Tesulan was beyond fury, Akranhor was blamed for this, Tesulan’s dragon, Bledgar, had popped out of nowhere, and Tesulan blinded by his anger had let Bezmog take over.

      I ignored these questions, Tesulan would explain later. Right now, we were surrounded by assassins, thugs, and Akranhor. First, we had to take care of all these bothersome assassins and bandits, and I had just the thing.


 I spun around in a 360 degree circle, I had borrowed Icewing from Aria (hope she doesn’t mind) and grabbed ahold of the end of the cloak. Ice shards hailed on them, large enough to cause more than injury. The ice stuck to their skin, weighing them down and slowly freezing them to the core.

   I heard several gasps and shocked murmurs, as the heavy ice slammed into them, pinning them down. I looked around me, they were covered in a shower of ice frost. I admired my work, later, now wasn’t the time.

  I turned my head to Akranhor and Bezmog, they were exchanging powerful blows, Akranhor was too fast, and Bezmog too strong.

  With every blow they exchanged, their swords vibrated, even from this far away I could feel the intensity of their battle. Akranhor, like Almar didn’t possess any magic, but underestimating him would be the same as thinking a cobra’s bite as a itch.

     I knew he had vials of Devaji Venom up his sleeve (literally, or not), if he were to throw one at Tesulan, it would be over for him. I barely managed to survive gulping down a tonic of it, it almost disintegrated my body to ashes, and my blood to water. Even, though it managed to restore my lost memories.


    I breathed heavily, and gripped Felgar harder, I had to go, and save Tesulan. He had no idea what he was getting himself into.

  Don’t be so reckless, Azurhod’s voice startled me, even if my brother, Bezmog is fighting the Assassin Lord, he still hasn’t recovered from his previous injuries. He is too arrogant, defeating the Assassin Lord is like defeating Velgar himself, Velgar may be more powerful. But in strength they are equal. It will take more than a crippled demon to defeat him. Let me take over, two may stand a better chance than one.

 I gritted my teeth, last time Azurhod took over, it was true that he saved my life several times, where I would’ve died fighting Aredor, but he almost didn’t return my body back.

 Will you return my body back? I asked cautiously.


 So, you aren’t as stupid as you look. But, very well. I vow, I shall return your body back when you please, Pentus Highblade.

I clenched my fist, I had a feeling I would regret this.

                                        *    *    *

   The pain wasn’t as harmful as I remembered.

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