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Through the whole car ride as Kaleb had been talking to blaire, Kyle had his hand placed on my thigh as he took a phone call.

As we entered the high-end boutique, Kyle, Blaire and Kaleb took their seats on a couch and a dress caught my eye and I immediately fell in love with it.

I tried on the dress and as soon as I came out, Kaleb excitedly clapped his hands together and it looked like Blaire was wiping tears. Kyle's eyes followed my every movement and it was like his eyes were gleaming. He stood up, walking towards me. He whispered, "As much as I love this dress on you, I might be more interested in taking it off the whole night."

I blushed, hitting Kyle's chest as he laughed. He stopped laughing, his eyes almost loosing the gleam that was there before. "Ah I almost forgot. There's one more thing." He said and took out a box from his coat pocket. My mouth hung open and he opened it and there was a necklace. A big saffire was placed in the middle and the corners with small diamonds.

I turned around, lifting my hair and Kyle placed the expensive necklace on my neck. It was mesmerized by its beauty, I realised as I looked in the mirror. "Thankyou." I said, fingering the necklace. Kyle smiled and kissed the back of my neck.

"You know, he's completely in love with you." Blaire said while we were sitting on the couch as Kyle had left to take an important phone call. The staff was showing us some more jewelry and shoes. I looked back at her to see her chuckling. "I see the way he looks at you. His eyes follow everywhere you go. The boy basically worships the ground you walk on. I bet even if you told him to go to hell, he'd follow you there too." She said and we both laughed.

She shook her head still slightly chuckling but her laughter was replaced with a sad smile on her lips, "I wish Brandon was here to see you guys. He'd be so happy."

"Brandon?" I asked. Wait was she talking about Kyle's dad? But wasnt his name Kaden or something? What is this?

"Oh, he's-" She was just about to answer but Kyle interrupted us.

"Avery, come on. Lets go back. You must be tired by now." He said as I was about to say something to Blaire.

As we reached the car, before opening the door, Kyle wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled me into his arms. "Kyle, what are you doing?" I said as I looked around. Everyone was staring at us as we were standing on the road.

"Nothing. Just wanted to hug you." He said and buried his nose in my hair, sighing and breathing my scent in.

"Kyle, you're going to have a lot of time to hug me after we get married." I said as I awkwardly patted his back.

Ignoring my reply, he pulled back. Cupping my cheeks and staring into my blue eyes with his hazel ones, he said, "Avery, no matter what happens, never forget that I love you. Okay?" He asked raising his eyebrows, a slight frown etched on his forehead. I slowly nodded, smiling and he sighed while pulling me back into his arms.

"So I guess this is it. You're finally getting married." Kessa said as she put the veil on my hair.

"Yeah, I still cant believe it." I answered looking into the mirror as Addison and Kessa laughed.

" I answered looking into the mirror as Addison and Kessa laughed

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