⚫Chapter 51⚫

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Thursday, April 11

Today was the last day of my three-day search. The first two days were basically useless. I searched Regnum Terra to find absolutely nothing. I had given up hope. There was no way I was going to find the ring.

Roman forbade me to speak with Isidora or Jasper, but we found a way to communicate. She apologized to me several times for her father's ruthless behaviour. I told her it wasn't her fault and that even though she was related to him by blood, she was nothing like him.

We were right. Jasper told me that Roman hated his guts, and forbid him to visit us. It was unfortunate. I also had asked Isidora to update me of what had happened within the past four months.

She had told me they kept searching. Her father never gave up. He was still very determined to find that ring no matter how long it took.

Also, it turned out that Roman had sneakily stolen six packets of my blood. He said knew he was going to need it eventually. As if that's not creepy at all. He also took my earrings, so there was no way I was able to communicate with any werewolf.

I was currently lurking through an area I had never been to before. Regnum Terra was huge. It was rather impossible to search this whole place within three days.

I suddenly tripped over a random rock and caught myself by placing my hands against a tall stone wall. It suddenly started to move. The stone wall began to roll upwards.

"What the heck?"

I stood there confused not expecting anything like that to happen. I turned around to see if anyone was nearby.

So yes, my curious self decided to enter this sketchy opening. Once I was fully inside, the stone wall behind me started coming back down.

"Ah!" I hollered trying to exit the weird place but I was too late. I was shut inside.

"Crap, what just happened?"

I turned back around and wondered if there was anything inside this weird place.

"Hello?" I called out.

All of a sudden, these gold specks of light started appearing almost in the shape of a path.

As I walked closer, I instantly noticed that they were the exact same stones that I saw at the portal on earth and when we entered all the other portals too.

"Is there a portal here?"

The pathway was quite narrow and long. I was so anxious to know what was on the other side so I began to run. I approached the end of the pathway in a heartbeat and sure enough, there was a portal.

As I checked the selections I soon realized there was only one. It was completely white.

"That's weird, where does this portal lead to?"

I pressed it and stepped inside.


"Oh my God..."

There was a huge fountain in the center of this open room with a statue of the moon goddess. There were white trees surrounding it with luminescent grass peeking through the ground. The moon peered through the open top as it's light shone onto the clear water. It felt like a fantasy dream as I began to walk towards the fountain.

"Isn't this the Moon Goddess' fountain?" I remember Sebastian telling me about it.

The water glowed. It was quite obvious that it wasn't normal water. It was healing water. It was at that moment that I decided to sit down for a bit.

As I sat down, I wondered if I should speak to the statue. If Nathan was here he would probably laugh at me for even thinking such a thing. But I had lost hope. I needed help.

"Um hello. I am not sure if you are actually real, but I just wanted to ask for help. I have to find the ring or Roman will kill my mate. I don't understand why Roman wants the ring so badly. He knows what will happen once he wears it. I also have a feeling we're in big trouble. He's only going to bring chaos, nothing more. So if you're real please help us. I am begging you."

I sat there thinking about everything. All the events that occurred over the past seven months. It was so hard to believe that I was a Vampire currently here in Latum Alterum trying to save this beautiful place. I wished things could return back to normal. Whatever that was.

After sitting there for quite some time, I decided to head back to Regnum Ignis before Roman sent out a search party for me. Oh, how I wished I could stay here. It was so peaceful and far away from everywhere else.

As I got up to retrieve back to the portal, something bright caught my eye. There was something on the other side of the fountain. I walked around it to see a white flower growing from in between the slabs of rock.

"Was this always here?"

I knelt down to get a better look as I saw it growing with my own eyes. "Woah," I sighed as I continued watching it grow.

Suddenly I heard a voice speak to me. The same feminine voice I heard when I was staring at the Moon Goddess' painting in Sebastian's castle.

Leilani, look inside.

I was creeped out by the voice, but I instantly placed my hand on the flower and moved the petals away so I could see inside of it.

"Oh my God, I found it."

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