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The next morning Lexi woke up early to take advantage of the day. He had thought about a good night in the past, and had no problem waking up early to leave home and do some errands, since it was also good morning. Becca in the meantime fell asleep, of course. It was all a marmot. He spent a couple of hours more than Lexi in bed, until finally woke up, prepared breakfast and after taking it began to organize the house a little. When he finished, he received a call from his boyfriend Jackie. They talked for a while, just as Lexi came through the door. Seeing her friend so happy talking on the phone, she could see who she was talking to. Lexi watched her gracefully, appreciating how she fooled around with Jackie, until Becca realized she was there and felt a little embarrassed. While Lexi laughed, Becca tried to disguise, got up from the sofa on which she was lying and standing up stumbled. That caused her friend to burst out laughing. Becca said goodbye to her boyfriend and stood firm. He asked Lexi secretly if something was happening that was so funny, to which he did not even answer. They started talking about what they had done in the morning, and in the meantime they went to the kitchen to prepare the food. While they ate together, they watched television. A phone rang from another room in the house. Lexi ran to see who it was. Michael was the one who answered. He was calling to find out about his girlfriend. Lexi was happy to see that it was him, and they were talking for a few minutes. Michael had proposed something interesting; I was about to record a new video, with one of his friends Paul McCartney, and I wanted her to be recording it. He loved the idea and found it very exciting to be able to see how they prepared everything. She accepted very grateful and sent a lot of kisses to Michael. After lunch I would go through it, to go early to the shooting since they would start that same day. They said goodbye, and just hanging Lexi went to tell her friend very excited. He was happy for her and wished them good luck with everything. She finished eating quickly so she could prepare and be ready as soon as Michael picked her up ... The hors arrived, Michael had already arrived and was waiting in the living room next to Becca. Lexi came out, gave her a sweet kiss, hugged her friend and said goodbye to her, and together they were on their way to the shooting ... The afternoon passed very quickly. It had been fun to see how everything was prepared and every detail was shot. Michael looked very handsome with the clothes he had to use. He seemed like a child. They had had a really good time. After finishing there, Michael and Lexi went for a drink at the cafeteria near Michael's house. They were there for a while talking, laughing ... Lexi kept telling Michael how handsome he was with the clothes of the video clip before what he was blushing. Michael got up from the table where they were set to go to the bathroom, while Lexi stared at nothing waiting for him to come back. He stared at the entrance door just as he saw a familiar boy enter. It was Brian, his old friend. Yes, the one who had betrayed him. I had not heard from him in a very long time. It was amazing to see him suddenly there. She did not want to meet him so she tried to hide and look away, but he realized he was there, so he came over to greet her. Lexi did not want to be rude, so the greeting returned. Brian asked him how he had been all this time. Despite not wanting to be rude, she could not forget what she had done to him, so she was not particularly explicit in details either. He realized that. He said he knew they had had their differences but would like to resume their friendship. At that moment came Michael, who saw the boy there seemed surprised. They gave each other a half-closed look from a few friends, and Brian decided to leave without bothering. They would meet some day ... Michael asked Lexi what he was doing there, to which he replied that he only asked how. He did not trust that guy so he was a little worried about his return to the city. After leaving the restaurant, Michael took Lexi to his house, and there they spent a pleasant time with Becca, until he decided to return home. They said goodbye with a big kiss and a hug. Once Michael left, Lexi told Becca all the details about the filming, the video clip ... And also about what they had done when they left there. He explained that while they were having a drink he had met his old friend. I could not believe it. They thought I was not even in the city. But apparently he had returned. He seemed kind, maybe he had changed. Who knows ... After dinner they did not take long to go to sleep. It had been a long day full of emotions. Lexi went to bed thinking about Brian .. I would see him soon ..?

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