Chäpter Twënty-Sïx

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Cayden's P.O.V

A still silence suddenly echoed between us, louder than anything I had ever heard before, and my own hormones were screaming pretty loudly.

But the only think I could think clearly at that moment, was that I swore, whoever had just called her for damn dinner, wasn't gonna last the night.

I watched as she froze beneath me, but her reaction was one more of shock and embarrassment, whereas mine was simply, pure frustration.

I growled and let my head fall against her bare stomach, my hands unclenching from around her wrists. She still smelled delicious and I was so close to having a taste--

"Oh gods! Faith!"

I looked up from her smooth skin and raised my brows incredulously. "Who?"

She rolled her beautiful brown eyes and pushed herself up, using her hands as partial coverage. Like I hadn't seen already.

"My friend! I-I have to go!"
She stuttered while wiggling into her clothes once more, pulling a plain brown dress over her still wet body. I watched distractedly as it plastered itself to her skin.

I face planted into the sand, my head disappearing up to my hair. "Cayden? Cayden are you quite alright?"

I just laid there, feeling even more frustration build as the grains of sand stuck to me. What the hell was this stuff?


Maybe some cold water would help right about now. Help cool down my hormones and maybe even my raging blood.
Yeah, definitely some cold water.

I rolled sideways and this time landed in the water, watching as the sand dislodged itself from my sweaty skin and my shoulders rolled back comfortably.

The water drifted cooky around me, but didn't do a thing to stop the speeding of my heart and clenching of my fists. Why? Why was there such a thing as supper? Couldn't we go without food? For at least a day? Was that such a hard request?

Foot steps crunched along the sand next to my ear and I blew out a sigh before throwing my arms over my eyes. Please don't come near me.

"Are you alright?" Her voice, filled with such softness called out to me in a whisper that seemed to echo off of the water.

No. Not really.

Not so soft anymore.

"I'm fine Princess. Just--just got to your friends. I'll be there in a moment."

She finally grew silent and I felt my breath leave me in another sigh.
Please say no. Please say no.

"Um... Alright. And I'm not the Princess anymore. The names Eva."

While the words sounded condescending, her voice was sweet and even a bit embarrassed.

I nodded and felt the ripples surround me from the movement. Eva. My angel.

It was a few more moments before I heard her small footsteps crunch away from me and the familiar sound of Arions loud neigh--

Wait. Arion?


Evangeline's P.O.V

I don't think I had ever been so frustrated in my life. I was so close to what felt like ecstasy to be interrupted by dinner.

I pressed my heels in Arions sides and rode for about five minutes before the light of a campfire glowed through the thick of the trees. While I was frustrated, I was more fearful for the chance that they had heard me. Was I loud? Did they hear the tree?

I felt a blush creep up on my cheeks just at the though of his lips gliding along my skin. My hand rose to the bend on my shoulder, reminiscing the feel of his mouth and hands.

And then it hit me. Oh my god's. He had found me! The nephew of my betrothed was sure to turn me in! And I had just kissed him! Well, much more than that...but no matter!

I couldn't believe this. What was I to do about it?


I looked up from my hands nervously to meet Faith with her hands resting on your hips. "Are you all right? You took much longer than we thought and I was just about to come looking for you!"

Well, I guess that meant she hadn't heard us. And while I was grateful, that also meant that we were extremely close to being caught.

I was thankful for the dark sky to hide the blush that began glowing on my cheeks.

"I'm sorry Faith. I--I lost track of time."

Arion walked into the clearing Dominic had chosen and I led him over towards the tree where Apollo was tied.

Faith watched me as I went before turning back to the fire and plopping down onto the dirt. Dom was pulling a knife down the outside skin of a small deer, the blade cutting through the hide seamlessly. His eyes flicked up to lock on me as I slid from Arions saddle, my feet jolting when the finally meet the ground. I looked away from his eyes, scared he would see the truth.


I froze in the middle of tying the reigns, my fingers freezing mid motion while my breath hitched in my chest. I slowly turned to meet Dominic, who was now standing right in front of me, his body blocking the light of the fire and making the stern look in his eyes very evident.

I coughed while trying to cover the sound of me clearing my voice. "Yes?"

"Where were you?" I watched as his jaw ticked dangerously and the smears of blood on his leather tunic. I stared straight ahead at his chest and refused to look up and meet his eyes. I was such a horrible liar. I couldn't chance being caught.

Then again, there was that piece of me that was asking why I was keeping it a secret? They were my friends, why was I lying to them?

"I was bathing. Just like you told me to. Is there a problem?" I asked, letting a bit of my once powerful authority soak into my voice. He only responded but standing straighter. "There damn well is a problem, Princess. Where the hell is my brother?"
He growled, his hand coming up to grip my shoulder, not painfully, but firmly.

I jumped slightly and looked up to meet his gaze. "You're--you're brother? What are you--"

"He means me angel. Hello brother."


I know I know! So short! But look there's a lot of work to do right here at the end of the year and exams are coming up!!

Either way, what did you think, beside the shortness that is? Did you guess the brother thing? I bet most of you did, but there's a big twist coming that I promise none of you wil see

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