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Jennie POV
Today, she's been busy, and I became bored in house.

I don't have to tease here in the house lol.

I've always stay awake late night, coz I want to wait Lisa always, I don't want to eat alone.

"Why are you still awake?" Lisa asked.

"I'm waiting for you" I said.

"Why?, I told you don't wait me." she said.

"I can't eat alone." I pouted.

"Ugh, Let's eat now and get rest, I don't want to see you getting eye bags." she worryingly said.

We eat dinner and I was going to wash the dishes, she stop me.

"I can wash those, just rest well now, your tired now." she said and I nodded.

She became caring these days, so it's kinda weird to see, I can't see the teasing Lisa in a year aww.

I pick up my phone, and I browse up my ig, and I found something hurting.

Lisa POV
Jennie is always waiting for me, and she's kinda quiet this time, is there something wrong with her?.

"Are you okay Jennie?" I asked.

"Yeah I'm fine, I'm going to-" I cut her off.

"No need, you need to rest now." I said and she nodded.

I grab her hand and she look at me.

"If there's something wrong, just tell me" I said and she nodded.

When I'm done washing the dishes, I heard a cry in Jennie's room.

Wait is she crying?

I lean to the door and I heard her talking in a phone while crying.

I can't comfort her, coz she told me that I will mind my own business.

Why did she accept the marriage if she have an boyfriend? What a lame.

~Time Skipped~

She became quiet all day, and sometimes she's out of blue.

I need to mind her business now, I'm not used to this.

I heard she cry again this midnight, and this time I will mind her business now.

I open the door and she look at me. Her eyes are too red.

"Jennie." I said, I walk towards to her and I hug her.

"Let it out all of those problems of your on me." I said and she cried again.

"W-why he didn't do his promises on me, why he, wahhhhh! *crying*" she said.

"Jennie, try to forget him now, I'm here for you, I won't make you sad." I said and she hug me tighter and she cried out loud.

I didn't leave her until she sleep, I pick up my phone and I call Mr. Park.

"Cancel my flight tomorrow in New Zealand, and let Ms. Jisoo ride my plane towards to New Zealand." I said.

"Indeed" he said and I ended it up.

I won't leave you Jennie, I want to comfort you longer.

I fell asleep beside her, and I don't want to let her go today. She needs me.

Jennie POV
I woke up, and I feel relieved. I saw Lisa still hugging me, i felt my heartbest gets faster.

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