Chapter 2

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"Hey lad, how was your night out?" Niall asked me as I entered our pad in California. 

Louis entered from the kitchen. "Well duh, Niall-er. I am sure the girl had her eyes glued on mister "I am so sexy" over here." 

I smirked at them as I removed my coat and hung it on the coat stand. "Tonight was .. fun I guess?" I said unsure of my answer. 

"Do you even remember her name?" Harry asked, but his eyes still on the telly. 


Liam threw a piece of popcorn at me. "Dick head." 

I laughed at him. "I was joking! Of course I do, I remember all my dates." 

"Don't you ever consider on settling down? Being in a relationship and stuff?" Louis asked me.

I yawned, and just on cue Harry answered for me. "Don't you remember Lou? He's a commitment-phobe." 

I chuckled and yanked Harry's neck. "Am not!" 

"Yeah, you're just too cool to settle down." Niall joked. 

Actually, he was true. Heck, one of my life goals is to be the bachelor of the year. This is me, Zayn Malik. One fifths of one direction, living the bachelor's life. 

"You know me well, Niall." I said as I started making my way upstairs. I need to sleep. My date was talking non-sense all night and my head hurt. Sometimes, I really hate it when a girl is so full of her self. Like when she keeps complimenting herself. I have nothing to compliment about her anymore. 

"But remember mate, one day, you'll find that girl that would make you settle down, for good." Liam said.

I turned back to face them again. I smirked and said, "I highly doubt that." I ended with a wink. 


I got ready for bed. I put on my jumper, since it was a very cold night. I slumped down my bed and turned on my laptop. I checked my tweets. I can't help but grin at all the tweets from our fans. Sometimes I feel like a 5 year old entering a candy shop for the nth when reading them ; Even if I read them over and over again, it still makes me giddy. 

I got bored and went to YouTube to listen to some music. I can't help but smirk when I saw that our video was still number 1 over Bieber's. (Insert evil laugh here) 

I decided to listen to Keane's Somewhere Only We Know, since it was one of my favorite songs ever. I scanned the videos for the original version, until I came upon this video thumbnail with a stunning girl. 

"audreybrooks 95" was the user's name. Looks like she did a cover of this song. I hesitated ; I usually do not like watching covers. But what the hell. 

The video started playing.

"Hi um .. my name is Audrey Brooks." The quirky girl from the video said. She immediately bit her lip after saying that.

She tucked one of her loose hair strands before continuing. "Um and this is a cover of Somewhere Only We Know by Keane." I can't help but grin, she looks so nervous. I saw her closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and when she opened her mouth, it was like I was watching a different girl. 

Unlike the girl who was in the first 15 seconds of the video, this girl had confidence. And not only that, she can also sing, well.

"I walked across an empty land
I knew the pathway like the back of my hand"

 She sang. Literally the hair on my skin stood up. Damn this girl was  good. I looked at the views and saw she only had one view. Impossible! This girl was so good. 

I found myself raping the replay button. I can't help it, I was smiling the whole time while watching her sing. It's funny that when she sings, it's like she's in a different world. A world where it's only here, and her beautiful voice. 

I found myself watching other videos of her. I admit, I was kinda disappointed when she did not have any One Direction covers. 

I had to show this to the lads. I went out of my room and entered Louis' room. He was already dozed off. And so where the others. I looked at my watch. It was already 12AM. Holy crap I've been watching her videos for two hours! 

Why Zayn, why?

 Well, if I can't share it with the boys tonight, might as well share it to the world. I copy pasted the YouTube link and saw that I only had 120 characters left. Hm what to write .. 

Sometimes I tweet what's on my head. 

But after hitting that tweet button, I realized I tweeted from my heart. 

"Can't get her out of my head. And honestly, I'd like to keep it that way xx" 

I watched the video one last time before heading to sleep. Just before the video ended, I paused it when she was looking straight at the camera. Is it possible to be smitten via video? I laughed to myself, I have silly school girl crush. 

Don't worry, I said to myself. It's just YouTube. 

Or so that's what I thought. 

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