narancia - like or like like?

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Author's note! This will be from Narancia's third person perspective this time! It's a bit different than what I usually do, but it'll make sense! For you Miniature Tigers fans, you'll know the theme! The reader is also female for this!

Narancia was humming to himself as he drove Fugo's car to your house. While everyone else lived in the same apartment building, you were already paying rent to live in a small villa home just north east of the apartment, so you still were within jogging distance of the building. Plus, repacking and moving everything into a new place wasn't really ideal. After all, you just moved from a different building on the complete opposite side of town. Why move again? The rent wasn't too harsh, and your check payed more than enough for it. It was quite a gangster's paradise.

Over the past eight months that you had been apart of the team, Narancia found himself growing a big crush on you. What was there not to admire? You were super pretty, had, though not the most powerful, a useful Stand, and had a determination that rivaled Bruno's. On top of that, you were one of his best friends. Both you and Fugo would tutor him, Fugo handled mathematics while you took the history and language portion. Your teaching style, while not violent or aggressive as Fugo's, was very compatible for someone like Narancia, someone who wasn't very good at learning things perfectly. Were you a teacher or historian in a past life? Who knew?

The shorter dark haired boy had been thinking about the perfect time to tell you about how he truly felt. It was mid June, the prettiest time of year in Italy. Flowers and trees were in full bloom, and everything was busy and bustling with life and beauty. Those beautiful sceneries and vibes made Narancia feel a little better as he continued driving the car. He hadn't told Fugo where he was going, just that "it's personal, but really important." Fugo had reluctantly let Narancia borrow it on the condition that he did Fugo's chores and study extra hard for a week.

Within a few minutes, your house was in view. The course of fate had brought him here, and now he needed to know the answer! Parking the car on the side of the road, as there were no parking spaces on the type of street you lived on, Narancia hopped out and stood on your front lawn, walking to your door.

Narancia's hands were shaking pretty hard. He was really gonna confess to you! Right? Oh god, could he even? His stomach's butterflies were fluttering and flittering around, making it impossible for him to focus. What if you don't like him that way? What if you like him, but not like like? What if you're just friends? Should you two just stay friends? This was so confusing and difficult for Narancia, and he was basically winging it all by himself himself. He wanted some sort of help or reassurance, but it was too late for that. Narancia was already at your doorstep by the time he was considering a wingman, and he couldn't back out now. After all this time, he couldn't just run away at the moment of truth!

Narancia had such strong feelings in his chest for you, but really didn't know how to convey them. He never really had much experience with dating or anything of the sort, and this new romantic world scared him. So many things could go wrong, and if something did happen, would you even look him in the eye again after this? He really didn't want to lose you, not another friend lost because of a mistake Narancia made. He was finally in his own kind of family, a group where no one would abandon him. This was what he lived for! And if he lost you, Narancia didn't know what he would do. Losing people was not something he wanted to do again.

Before he pressed the doorbell, Narancia retreated his hand. Maybe he should check if you're home first? It wouldn't do any good if you weren't home and he was kind of ready to confess. Backing away from the front door, he went around to the side of the small house and saw your room's light shining. Walking to the side of your house, he snuck into a bush and peeked his head out, only to be met with something he really didn't expect.

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