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warnings: degration, safe wording , name calling, aftercare, slight slave space , little space



jeongguk grunted, his hand jerking off the submissive's aching cock, the pulsing red head disappearing down his hand.

"shut the fuck up, slut, slaves don't talk when not spoken to," jeongguk growled, taehyung's hips bucking up as he chased his orgasm; one that he hadn't meant to want.(he hadn't really been in the mood for hard sex, but anything for ggukie, right?)

"cl-close- m-master~! oh my god-"


taehyung whimpered, red hand print on his thigh as he shut his mouth, cock aching in the dom's hands, and oh, he could feel it, he was close, he was close, he was--

"slaves like you don't get to cum, slut."

taehyung's eyes widened as he whined pitifully, sniffling.

he hated being edged, more over he hated not being able to orgasm and jeongguk knew that.

"p-please- i can't !"

he felt his chased orgasm die down before jeongguk's rough hand came in contact with his fragile,sensitive one as he moaned again.


three times.

three fucking times he was edged and not allowed to cum, and by now, taehyung was on all fours, sniffling as he sobbed.

jeongguk hushed him, not forgetting to keep up his front but he assured the sub that he did well as he pushed into him, the submissive moaning.

"relax," jeongguk mumbled, taehyung's cock limping as he relaxed slightly, whimpering as he allowed jeongguk to fuck into him, to use him.

he knew jeongguk was stressed, and all he wanted to do was help.

"y-you can m-move, m-master.."

jeongguk hummed, hips rocking as he eased himself out, before slamming back in with full force.

taehyung whimpered, jeongguk turning him, his legs slinging onto his shoulders.

jeongguk digged his fingers into the boy's honey kissed thighs, the bottom hissing at the unwanted pain, but he made no further sound of disapproval.

the dominant's cock prodded at taehyung's prostate, submissive jerking up in surprise as he moaned, jeongguk animalistically thrusting into the tight heat.

"fuck.. you like that, slut?"

taehyung mewled in pleasure, cock against their stomachs, pulsing and red as he whimpered, tears of frustration in his eyes.

"m-master- can master pl-please t-touch me? p-please?"

jeongguk hissed, glaring at him before slamming in, and taehyung jerked with each movement in shock, squeaks leaving his lips.

what happened to the soft cuddly session he had hoped for?

"t-touch- please! i've been a g-good boy, a good slave, please..!"

"you're a hole, slut." jeongguk snarled, removing all traces of the contact that taehyung so desperately craved. "you're a hole that i can fuck and play around with when i want to and throw away when i get bored, and i've got you wrapped around my little finger, don't i?"

taehyung whimpered, it hurt.

it hurt how jeongguk may actually think that, and even though a small bit of him knew it was clearly because of their positions, but it still hurt.

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