-(Wedding Day) -

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Third Person POV
This is the day that Lisa and Jennie will getting married.

Lisa is busy fixing her tuxedo, and Jennie is still speechless.

"Miss, just smile, your getting married now" Ms. Lee said.

All of the people are busy and now, wedding will start in 2mins.

~After 2mins~

Jennie is walking in aisle with her father. When they're near to Lisa, Her father gave Jennie's hand to Lisa.

"Take care of my daughter" Jennie's dad said.

"I will" Lisa said.

~Time Skipped~

Lisa POV
Where in our home now, and Jennie is still speechless, I think something happen to her, coz she's acting weird lately.

"Jennie come here." I command.

"What do you want?" she weirdly said.

"We need house rules, and Marriage rules." I plainly said.

"Is that too important huh?" she said and she snob me.

I hold her arm and I tighten it.

"You're hurting me" she said.

I throw her in my bed and I went on her top.

"W-what ar-are you doing?" She nervously said.

"What's wrong with you?, do you want to do this so you will be satisfied?" I seriously said.

She pushed me, and I laugh at her.

"You're so funny Jennie, I don't know that I will see that blush face of yours hahha!" I blurted.

"Stop making fun of me you bitch!" she yelled.

"What did you said?" I glare at her.

"Your a -"


That's my first kissed BTW hehez.

"Wh-why did you D-do th-that ?" she stuttering said.

"If we don't need rules, I can do those whatever I want" I said and she fucking slap me.

"Hey" I said and I pulled her arm.

"Before you walk out Honeyyy, we need to do some rules." I said and I smiled at her. "Fine" She plainly said.

"Sit here beside me" I said while tapping my hand in the side of the bed.

"I'm done now with my rules, I'm going to say it one by one." I said. And she nodded.

"Rule#1: Don't mind of my private problems.
Rule#2: I hate noisy cat
Rule#3: no tampering
Rule#4: I Hate someone seducing me
Rule#5: Keep this relationship private"

" That's all? "she asked." Yah, tell yours" I said and she nodded.

"Rule#1: No Touching
Rule#2:No Kissing
Rule#3: Dont mind my own business
Rule#4: No falling"

"Too basic" I said and she laugh.

"Let's signed our contract." I said and she nodded.

"If you're not happy with me Jennie, just sign the divorce papers, I'm not gonna stop you." I said.

"Whatever. Let's sleep" she said and I nodded.

Jennie POV
The next day, i woke up early and I cooked breakfast for us, I saw Lisa with her jogging wear, and she look at me.

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