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Jennie POV
I cancel all of appointments and schedule, because we need to meet Mr. And Mrs. Manoban, and their beloved bitch.

My mom is busy in cooking some food for her visitors, and dad, he keep looking at me.

I went to the bathroom to get clean, and I wear decent clothes, before I went downstairs, I heard an horn of a car.

I think they are here now.

'Let me humiliate you in front of my parents and your parents.' I said in my thoughts and I smirk.

"Jennie, go downstairs now, they are here." my mom said.

I went down, and I greeted them in decent way, and I look for that bitch woman, but she's not with them, maybe she's not going.

"Mr and Mrs. Kim, My daughter isn't here yet, she went to an important appointment of her, and she will try to go here as soon as possible." Mrs. Manoban said, what a good mother.

We sitted on the dining and we eat my mother specialty, it been 4hrs past, and she's not here. Lucky.

Lisa POV
" Sehun welcome back in thailand"i greeted.

"Thanks Lis, I miss you" he said and he want to hug me. I push him and he pout.

"Stop doing that, it's so disgusting." I said and suho laugh.

"My apologies to this naughty friend of us, BTW Lis, I heard that your getting married?" Suho said while drinking his coffee.

"Yeah, gossips are getting bigger this time, I know it is not true imma right Lis? Sehun said and he is going to fire up his cigarette.

" Those gossips are true Sehun, and I don't care if they spread it in the whole world. "I said and I steal his cigarette.

" Ehh, give it back. "he said.

" Don't smoke in front of me" i said.

"Fine" he pout.

"Do you have an interest in that woman? I thought she's your enemy?" suho asked confusely.

"I don't have an interest to that woman, she's not my type, she's my greatest enemy." I said.

"So you have an interest with boys?" Sehun asked.

"Yes, I'm straight woman, I'm not bi or lesbian." I said.

"Is woman to woman marriage is allowed here in Thailand?" suho asked.

"Enough questions, Same sex marriage is required here in Thailand suho, BTW I have to go, I have an important to go cya guys." I said and I walk out.

"Where are we going madam?" my driver asked.

"In Kim's residence." I plainly said and he nodded.

We quickly came in Kim's residence, I knocked the door twice and someone open it.

Jennie POV
Someone knocked the door, so I volunteer myself to open it.

When I open the door, my got widen when I saw her, she went closer to me, and I quickly step backwards.

"So you're going to be my Mrs. Manoban huh?" she whispered in air.

"Let's get honeymoon first before the wedding." she said and smirk.

Fuck I felt nervous when she said those seductive words.

I quickly broke my thoughts, and she's not in my front now.

"Are you going to stand there in a long time or you're going to sit?" bitch said.

We talk much and I can't say something because I'm nervous I think.

"You're speechless" she said.

"it's none of your business" I said and she give me a death glare.

"So let's get to the point Mr. and Mrs. Kim, what were going to talk about." she straightly said.

"We're planning that you guys wedding will be in 14 day of May." they said.

"Then?"she annoyingly said.

" Dad, that's too fast"i said.

"So it's fast for yah huh?, lame" she said.

"Why? Isn't fast for yah?" I asked.

"It is, but I think honeymoon will be first." she annoyingly said and smirk at me.

"Stop joking around Ms. Lisa, or I will kick you out of here." I madly said.

"Jennie" my dad said.

"It's fine Mr. Kim, I'm used to this, and Ms. Jennie is right, we can't go this so fast."She said.

"Sweetie, give an exact date for it." Ms. Manoban said.

"After Jennie's Graduation? How about that?" Lisa said.

"Okey, its settled now." Dad said.

"It's okay with you Ms. Jennie?" she asked, she's good in remembering the people wants.

"It's fine" I said.


Mr. And Mrs. Manoban go now, and Lisa is still here talking with my mother, and I don't care.

"Auntie, don't worry I will take care of you daughter, don't worry too much." Lisa said.

Then after 5 mins, she go now too.

I miss hanbin right now, I wish he's okay.

775 words.

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