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A/N - lol life got in the way and i couldn't post for a long ass time. to recap what happened in the last few chapters:

kenzie went to watch johnny at his football game, and he ended up leaving the pitch with nadia. devenity and kenzie followed them and then watched as nadia kissed johnny. nadia apologised to john, and then to kenzie.

this chapter is formatted as if they were on a phonecall– kenzie is left, johnny is right :)

"hello?" mackenzie asked, voice wavering as she heard johnny pick up the other end of her phonecall.

"kenzie– hey! okay, i am so so sorry–" johnny blabbered before mackenzie cut him off.

"john, slow down!" she was trying not to smile.

johnny sighed. "right, right. okay." he let out a breath. "ummm..."

mackenzie let out the laugh she'd been holding in. "don't worry john, i just– sorry, i'm not good at apologies and stuff, that's why i called you..."

"oh fuck, me neither. lets plan to have all future apologies over the phone– actually, fuck that, i'm never going to let us fight again so we'll never have to apologise."

"you're cute." mackenzie said.

"right back at you babygirl. can i apologise now?" it sounded like he was running a hand through his hair.

"well, you don't need to. nadia text me. jesus christ that girl is mature."

johnny laughed. "she sure is. what did she text you about?"

"she told me that it was all her, and that she was the one that kissed you, and you didn't do anything... and that i shouldn't blame you and stuff. actually, i'm going to try set her up with darius marcell."

"that's perfect kenzie. do you know how long he's liked her for?"

"a long time, i know that." mackenzie giggled.

"honestly kenz, it's been like 2 years." there was a pause. "hey, you sure you're okay about this whole situation?"

mackenzie flopped down on her bed, sighing. "yeah. i was really sad at first but then when nadia text and i realised that you hardly even touched her i felt better. i know you wouldn't purposely hurt me, or cheat on me."

"okay, good. i'm glad you believe in me. sorry for like, blowing up your phone, by the way."

"no, it was cute. and it shows you care." mackenzie smiled.

"okay, i love you, but stop calling me cute. i'm a man, grrr."

mackenzie giggled. "what did you just say?" her cheeks were bright red.

"i'm a man, duh."

"no, before that."

"well, i, um–"

"i love you too. just so you know. i did a lot of thinking. and i am 100 percent in love with you." mackenzie spoke with absolute conviction.

johnny breathed out. "i love you. like a lot, actually. i also got to do a lot of thinking."

"oh yeah?"

"oh yeah. do you know how fucking lucky i feel? like, you're literally amazing."

"you're amazing-er." mackenzie giggled once again. she couldn't stop. johnny never failed to make her laugh.

johnny laughed along with her. "that's not a word." he teased.

"yes it is, because i just made it up."

"whatever, babygirl. do you want to go out for dinner with me tonight?"

"yeah!" they were both smiling into their phones, she could tell.


"mmhm. i'm starving. and i have a really hot dress that came a few days ago. you'll see."

"i'm looking forward to it even more." mackenzie could tell he was grinning widely. "i'll come by at seven?"


"okay. see you at seven. love you."

"love you." mackenzie grinned. "bye."

"bye bye baby girl." johnny laughed, before hanging up the phone.


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