Oliver 2nd POV Part 54

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12th May 2019 All Rights Reserved


Oliver's POV...

As much as I tried to talk her out of it, Darlene was determined to come with us to the opening ceremony where the Minister for Disabilities was going to officially open the newest service provider in the area. It was all a hoopla without adding a hormonal woman who wouldn't do as she was told. 

I was only going to be there to have some sort of quick word with Rene about how it really would not have worked with us. I owed it to her to tell her that and hopefully we can all go on with our lives. We have to since her sons are actually related to us through Doug who she had a childhood relationship with when his family lived back in Colorado Springs.

So I best do this and keep Darlene occupied by including her sister in that and hoping to keep her distracted while we went, me and my parents, to the opening. We were not going to stay very long. or at least I wasn't.

Damned if we even managed to be there fifteen minutes before I noticed Doug standing near one of the doors waving to me when I spotted him there. I still had not seen Rene yet and I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before we did. Then, to have Doug tell me when I was able to get to him that Darlene was either already here or about to be.

So, after telling mother what was likely to happen, we started to be on the lookout for the moment when my dear little wife finally made her appearance. And we know that she would. Darlene has always made sure that everyone knew she was there.

It was mother who got to her first after avoiding Rene for the last few minutes when we saw her popping up on her tip toes to look around. We knew she was looking for us. I'm sure of it. Then I saw my mother wave her arm in the air catching my attention. 

So, I squeezed through the thick bodied crowd of people who were here to be a part of this day to make my way across to where I can see my mother holding on to a shorter brown haired woman who looked like she was getting ready to struggle against my mothers hold on her and cause a bit of mayhem.

"Enough." I hissed at her the moment I reached them grabbing hold of her suddenly in a tighter grip than my mother had been holding her in. 

By this time, even dad was there trying to intimidate Darlene into some sort of submission where she would behave. Not that it worked. because I can see that even he looked a bit fractious for a moment thinking it was going to be him to deal with her. He looked in relief when I turned up and spoke to Darlene with a growling hiss.

"  No. I wanted to come here. How would it look if I wasn't to everyone who knows us." She sneered at me with a sneer at my mother as well. It was like she wanted to throw a tantrum. But I was going to knock her teeth out if she started. She has had me that pissed for some time always wanting her own way in everything. 

It's no wonder her own father gave up on handling her. because he never could after having his wife give the spoiled bitch everything she ever wanted.

But before I could do or say anything, Rene was here.

Oh, hell! That was all I could think of just then.

" Hello. I see that everyone is having a good time." I turned to look at Rene's smiling face with trepidation as were my parents now who know that shit was about to hit the fan. Then, I was surprised as were my parents when she looked at Darlene with anger sliding right over her face. That and disgust. I couldn't tell which where Rene was concerned.

" What are you doing here? You weren't invited." She looked at Darlene and snarled. If I didn't know any better, I would think that Rene hated Darlene. Then I remembered what mother said about Sybil and Darlene. They were the younger sisters of Rene.

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