Oliver Part 53

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12th May 2019 All Rights Reserved


Oliver's POV...

I can not believe how much of a dick I have been lately where Rene was concerned.

I knew, I just knew it, that I was taking a chance in seeing her like I was while not being free to be able to do it.

I was married. It might have been when we were all drunk after such a stressful time we had when some company wanted to come through and take over the ranch and a few others in our area. But we won after fighting them off legally. But it nearly drained us.

So, we headed out to Las Vegas, all of us including Doug and Sybil, his new wife and younger sister in law and just cut loose.

I hadn't known very much about Darlene. But I did know that the few times I met her, I thought she was trouble. And I was right.

Waking up next to her after getting drunk the night before was a shock in itself. Finding out that we had gone to some Elvis chapel and got married was an even bigger shock. One that scared the crap right out of me. I had been trying to get the damn thing annulled ever since.

But not knowing if the marriage had been consummated was the problem. Since we both woke up naked in the same bed and not really knowing if we did or not was what complicated especially when Darlene said that we did. But I felt that with the lack of evidence that we didn't.

I was hoping that I was too drunk to be able to perform.

That was three years ago and we have been trying to get the divorce or annulment ever since. The we being me and my family. But Darlene has resisted each and every time we have tried to go to court and with the system these days focusing on trying to repair marriages, each and every judge has tried to and even sent us both off to have some counselling.

" I was damn well drunk!" I yelled at our lawyer for the hundredth time. I was tired with it all and wanted it done.

" Yes, so you have told us. But it is more complicated than just being drunk. The notary who performed the ceremony indicated that you and your wife were both quite sober when you both went in to see about getting married. You even saw the video. You both appear sober." His lawyer was saying to him. His parents were sitting beside him trying to figure out how to deal with this whole debacle of a marriage.

" But why is this so hard?" Mother asked looking frustrated and upset. Dad grabbed her hand and gently squeezed it to calm her down. It was something Dad has always done ever since I can remember.

I know that there was some nasty history between them that involved another woman. And the death of my older brother, Thomas as well. I know it nearly caused my mother to die at one point. But whatever it was, the death of their firstborn shook them both up and they started to deal with their marriage and with me since I was only a baby at the time, a fresh newly born baby at that.

" And, while Darlene resists the divorce, the judge, whoever it might be at the time where it goes to court, will always send you for therapy to mend or break the marriage. Then, when the report is sent to the judge, he will determine whether or not to go ahead with the divorce. Which this will have to be since neither you or Darlene can confirm without a hint of doubt that the marriage was not consummated. That is also another point the judge is looking at." Sam, our lawyer, was saying which brought me back to the present to think about the situation I was in.

" I want it over and done with. So, to get it completely clear in my head... I need Darlene to sign the divorce papers and then the whole thing can be done with. That's it. Just her signature and it will all be over." I asked him as I rubbed my face with my hands. It was feeling like I had come out of a drunken stupor only I was not drunk. I hadn't drunk anything since that time. Not one drop.

" If Darlene has signed the papers, we would have a simple and clear case to divorce. But Darlene signing the papers makes it nigh on impossible under the laws of this country." He said to us while waving out his hands palm up at us.

Then Sybil came begging us.

She came to beg us about leaving everything the way it was at the moment. 

Then she told us what her and her sister, Darlene had been doing. It was hard we know for Sybil to have children and then it was hard when we found out that an accident reduced her ability to get pregnant to zilch, nada, none. She needed a hysterectomy because of internal bleeding to save her life. The injury could not be repaired. hence why it went the way it did.

I felt sorry for both her and Doug when we found out. But finding out this, what the three of them have done, rocked all of us. Hence why Sybil was begging us. Asking for our promise not to say anything since it was not really legal in this state for what they had done.

They had left the state to do some in-vitro fertilization procedure where Doug's sperm would fertilize Sybil's eggs and be implanted into Darlene's uterus. It was the only way for Sybil to have children.

I was even surprised that Darlene was even going to do it for her sister.

" I owe them both. But I especially owe my sister." Was all Darlene said which puzzled me.

But after talking to everyone involved, we agreed although somewhat reluctantly. It also meant that I would have to back off from Rene. I hadn't said anything permanent  int he way of a relationship with her. We were both in the very early stages to begin with.

But what shocked me after several weeks of not seeing her, especially after the damn barn incident, that I didn't have the feelings for her that I thought I did. That was a revelation for me to wake up one morning and realize that. 

I know that Rene had been trying to call me and to see me, but I have put it off for a while. I had to deal with this new development which I know is going to cause hell again if Darlene starts to get temperamental again. I am told that pregnant women can become very temperamental because of the change in hormones. And Darlene is very hormonal now that she is about to go into her third month of this pregnancy. And this is just the beginning of it.

But even I have noticed how she has changed in the past few months. For the better? I have no idea. But she is definitely not like she used to be.

Mother has been busy helping with the Home Assist branch that is going to open within the next couple of weeks and I know that I will be seeing Rene again after not seeing her for a few months. Even mother has not seen her. She has only spoken to her via the phone.

So, I wonder what will happen when the day comes and I get to see Rene again face to face. Hopefully, she will let me explain everything without breaking my word. Little did we know what the hell we were going to walk into when the branch opened officially.

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