A Family Drive Part 52

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11th May 2019 All Rights Reserved


Rene's POV...

When Andrew decides to make a move, he certainly knows how to do it right.

And here I was thinking he was a quiet and calm somewhat shy sort of man who was mostly concerned with his grandmothers welfare.

" That boy knows what he wants and when the time is right he knows what to do to get it. He just used me as an excuse so he could call in on you at your office. The boy is not silly. He has been hankering after you ever since he saw you in school all those years ago. But you have been busy raising those boys and looking after your grandparents. He has a lot of patience, my Andrew has." His grandmother said to me as I sat there in shock listening to her and trying to absorb what she was saying.

I don't even remember him in school. But then, I was fairly busy like she said raising my family. But to have wanted to know me for that long... and I didn't know. I was certainly taking notice of him now though.

I was sitting int he family room in the reading nook in the far corner breast feeding both the girls when the back door opened and Andrew walked in through the door as if he owned the place. It was something he has been doing for a while now. Mainly since I came home from the hospital anyway.

I was nice and quiet as I watched him toe off his boots and then stalk his way down to the kitchen calling my name as he went. I like the way his soft voice calls out.

" Rene?" I heard him call out which only made me smile. He was now walking through the house looking for me. I can tell by the socked footsteps I hear walking all through the lower downstairs  floor. 

" Rene?" I heard him call out as he took a few steps up the stairs before he came back down looking for me again. I just smiled thinking that he will find me eventually. He is a good police officer and knows when and how to gather evidence and search for clues.

That was what I think he is doing now.

" Keys, bag. Yep. They are here somewhere." I heard him say to himself as he started looking again. I just smiled as I heard him muttering to himself as he checked through he house again as he looked for us. And I mean us because he always has a smile for the girls along with a cuddle or two.

I was holding Andrea over my shoulder and was rubbing her small back trying to get her to burp. Which she did, very loudly. I have noticed that the girls do know how to belch out some gas when they want to. Like a drunken sailor I heard Gran say once or twice.

" There you are." He said with a smile as he followed the sounds my youngest daughter was making and spotted us finally.

He eyes widened up when he saw that I just about had one large milk filled breast hanging out and he suddenly lifted his eyes to look anywhere but at my chest just then nearly tripping on the rug on his way across the room. 

I just smiled when he struggled a little to stop himself from falling. But he managed it.

" Where else would I be? I like to sit here and feed the girls." I said to him with a smile. 

He comes and spends a lot of time with us since coming home as I  mentioned. Most of the time, he brings his grandmother and some of the time, we go there to their place with my grandparents so the oldies get to associate a bit more. It was quiet here at home now.

The boys are all boarding up in Denver now as they attend classes everyday. All three got a full scholarship with the courses they selected and in the grades they also chose since they had already started those courses long before they even graduated high school. But they also got themselves some part time jobs at one of the cafe's to help them get the other things  for their personal use in their accommodation which was a three bedroom unit not far from the university.

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