60 - Reunited: Day One Hundred Thirty-Eight

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Melanie stood alone in the suite with a tin of coffee in hand. She read over the instructions and looked at the coffee maker, daunted. She set the tin down and lifted the lid of the coffee makers, leaning forward to look inside. She pulled out the filter basket and set it on the cupboard, retrieving the filters from the cupboard. She'd watched her friends make coffee a few times before from afar, but really had no idea what she was doing. She picked out a filter and set it in the basket, then opened the coffee tin. She read the instructions once more before scooping two spoonfuls into the filter. She filled the reservoir with water, put the filter basket back in, put the carafe back in its slot, and flipped the switch. She stood back and watched it apprehensively as it slowly began to gurgle.

Hearing the main door of the suite open, she stepped away from the coffee makers and peeked around the corner to see who had joined her. Simon and Sam walked in and greeted her before making their way into the kitchen.

"Are you making coffee?" Simon asked, looking at Melanie curiously as she put the filters and coffee tin back in the cupboard.

"And toast," Melanie responded proudly as the toaster popped behind her. She took the two pieces of toast, lightly buttered them and set them on a plate. "Want some?"

"Sure," Simon replied, still looking at Melanie with confusion. "Melanie, I don't think you're supposed to be drinking coffee yet, darling."

"I heard someone at the party say coffee and toast is good for a hangover," said Melanie, setting the toast in front of Simon and retrieving some jams from the refrigerator for him. She set them on the table, then went back to the toaster to put two more pieces in. "Toast, Sam?"

"I'd love some," Sam smirked.

Simon looked at Melanie worriedly. "Sweetheart, you weren't supposed to have alcohol last night. I told the others..."

"It's not for me," said Melanie, rolling her eyes and leaning back against the cupboard to look at Simon. "I didn't drink anything and I'm not hungover." Simon visibly relaxed and quietly apologized, realizing he was being far too overprotective again.

"How was the party?" Sam asked. "Did you have fun."

"It was okay," Melanie replied quietly, casually turning her back the men once more, not wanting her face to give anything away.

"Who got into trouble?" Simon groaned, pulling the strawberry jam towards himself and untwisting the lid.

"It was fine," Melanie lied as she pulled the toast from the toaster and put in two more slices. She set them on a plate and took them to Sam. "We met a bunch of people, there was dancing and loads of food, then we came back."

"And?" Simon asked expectantly.

Melanie opened the fridge and looked for something to eat. "Then we partied in here for a bit and went to bed." Melanie replied, grabbing a pot of yogurt and sitting at the table across from Simon. "And then I taught myself to make coffee." She pulled the plastic cover off the yogurt and smiled innocently at Simon.

"There are ten of you," Simon warned. "I'll get it out of one of you."

Melanie avoided making eye contact with Simon and stirred her yogurt around, mixing the berries in with the creamy. The door opened and they all turned to see who had entered. Victoria and David greeted everyone and sat at the table, followed by Emma, who was looking unwell. She sat next to Melanie and curled her arms onto the table, resting her head against them and groaning.

"Want some coffee?" Melanie asked, eager to get herself out of Simon's watchful stare for a moment.

"That would be fantastic," Emma replied without lifting her head, her voice echoing against the table. Melanie quickly stood up and retrieved a few mugs from the cupboard, pouring everyone a cup of coffee and handing them out to each of them.

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