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Did I do that to you kaylie. I asked as I noticed red marks on her neck. Yes you did KENTRELL, you almost KILLED ME.

She said as she began to cry. I began to soften up. How I dont remember. She just siad I dont care just bring me home. Im sorr- she cut me off, I just want to o home. Ok but Im sorry. She just  walked away.

Before I could walk out Malaya stoped me. Where you going bae. I forgot I go with this girl. Im bring this girl home, I'm gonna come back. She nodded and went up stairs.

I grabbed my jeys and went out side to my new car. Kalie was aready there and she looked hella mad. I unlocked the the car and she got in. Where is your house up the street.

I started the car and went up the street. She than said stop. And I stoped in front of a BIG ASS HOUSE. This yo house, no this my house.

O Yeah I forgor her ma was Nicki Minaj.

She got out, and I watched as she went to her door, it took like 5 mins for her to go in. Than I went home

I hope I will be able to see her again. I doubt that would ever happen tho.

As soon as I pulled up, I saw malaya standing in front the boor mugging me.

I aint got time for this girl right now.

"Where you was"  I told you where I was. And dont come asking me shit that dont concern you.

I walkied right past her and went inside. I really think me kaylie NOT DONE.



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