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After some minutes, I felt the dark aura exit the Alphas who fell unconscious by the way roaming around the room and trashing violently looking for a new victim to possess. Not wanting them to leave the room or waste further time, I recited a binding spell casting them into a voodoo doll Luci had made the setting it on fire. That act probably made us look like those old witches we see in movies but Luci has a thing for voodoo dolls which I think will come in handy one day so I might probably learn how to make it.

She can use it to control anything and anyone she wants. I was one of her test subjects. I decided to skip training one day and went to hide in the cave behind the palace, instead of coming to get me like a normal person since I turned off my mind link, she somehow managed to control me to bring my ass to train. It was the scariest thing ever, I mean who wouldn't be sacred when someone else is controlling you and making you do things against you will.

I saw Gray shudder from the corner of my eyes telling me he could read my thoughts, his reaction made me chuckle because he looked cute doing it. Hell he looks cute in anything he does.

'I do not look cute babe, I look hot or sexy, take a pick.' He said cockily making me roll my eyes at him.

'Think what you want love but I still stand in you looking cute. And stay out of my head.' I told him then blocked him out from invading my brain. Damn mate bond.

"Well this meeting is adjourned till further notice because these Alphas are out cold." I said to everyone while walking towards my mate. Facing Dray I nodded at the Alphas "Get someone to take them to their rooms." I instructed to which he nodded to.

I know it might seem weird ordering my twin brother but I can't help it, once the queen in me is out, it's hard to keep her refrained and they all know that, it's only a matter of time before I am crowned Queen. And according to what I was told, similar thing happened to my mom. It's like the power knows when it is time to be passed down to the rightful heir.

"So where are we going now?" Grayson asked as we walked hand in hand after leaving the meeting room.

I smiled at him "We my dear are going to the packs orphanage."

He looked at me weirdly "I hope you are not having baby fever D because if you are, we can start work on making ours now if you are ready." He said wiggling his eyebrow at me making me chock him with air.

As we walked in, we were cheerfully greeted by the kids who knocked me down as they tried to hug me all at once "Take it easy kids, there is enough hugs from everyone." I chuckled as Grayson pulled me up from the ground.

"Princess Dawn come play princess with us." Linda a little girl who was around 2 in the orphanage said as she tried to pull me towards where they were all playing.

I chuckled as I bent down to her level "Alright little princess, I will play with you guys as long as you like but first I have some business to take care of. Once I am done with that, I am all yours alright?" I said to which she nodded eagerly before running off.

I stood up to call Grayson only to find him occupied in playing on the PS4 with the older boys causing me to roll my eyes. Trust him to leave me to it.

I walked towards Ruth the woman in charge of the kids and the workers in the Orphanage. Ruth is a sweet old lady we found at the pack line years ago beaten and bruised along with her grandchildren as they were lucky enough to run away from their old pack. My dad looked into the matter and we found out their Alpha was a very corrupt man and he had turned almost all his pack members to slaves, he was also planning a coup on our family. So hungry for power he can't get. My dad didn't waste time in taking him out, can't have people like him roaming around.

I sat down on the couch I had always found comfortable in her office after hugging her "So Ruth, let's get down to business."

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