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Jennie POV
"Did you bring the documents I asked on you Ms. Lee?" I said while walking in the hallway with Ms. Lee.

"Yes Miss, Btw, your father is waiting for you in your office" she politely said.

"Okay Thanks" I said and I proceed to my office.

When I enter my office, I saw my dad sitting on the couch while holding those private files.

I quickly steal those files in his hand, I don't want him to saw the last part of that files.

"Dad, don't touch any files here, they're private" I said.

"So that's what you call private stuffs huh?, buying some dirty toys?" he said, fuck.

"No dad, I'm just investigating those toys, I want to know who making this, you know what I'm saying right?" I nervously said.

"Stop denying Ms. Kim, BTW keep those toys of yours." he said while smirking.

"I'm not denying, BTW why would I keep those, they are too dirty" I said and I rolled my eyes.

"BTW why did you come here? I know that you will never come here without some favors." I said and I seat on my chair.

"You really know me Ms. Kim, the reason why I came here, is you need to marry Ms. Manoban, as soon as possible." he straightly said.

"Why would I do that?, I can't marry my greatest enemy that, and you know that I have a boyfriend." I said while sipping my coffee.

"I don't care if you have a boyfriend, that's your grandpa wish before he die, he wants to see you marrying Manoban, so you'd better broke your boyfriend ass." he said.

"Nah, Don't give me a quickly order from you, honestly I don't treat you like my father before and after." I said.

"Well, so I don't have a choice but to kill your precious boyfriend Ms. Kim, you know me, I'm not hard to please." he said and I saw him pick his phone.

"Mr. Kim, don't do this" I said. Fuck I know he will make my boyfriend suffer.

"Are you going to accept it or not?" he seriously said.

"Please, I will marrying a person except for that woman." I said.

"That's you're Grandpa decision dear, I don't have a right to disobey my father's want." he said.

"bu-" he cut me off

"No more buts, you need to get ready tomorrow, you will meet her as your husband or whatever." he said and left me.

'Wtf is wrong with them, that's too fast ughh.' I said in my thoughts.

I called my boyfriend hanbin and I told him to meet me in the café.


AT The Café

"Babe, what's the matter?" Hanbin ask while caring my hand.

"Hanbin, don't get mad at me and my parents if is say this oke?" I said.

"Okey?" he said.

"We need to let this cut of for now" I said.

"What do you mean? I can't understand you babe" he said.

"We need to break up Hanbin, I don't want to let you suffer if I didn't broke you up." I husky said.

"Babe, we can fight for our love, we can't end like this." he said, and I saw his tear flow.

I pull out my hand and I stand up, I remove a ring on my hand that he gave to me.

"Sorry, were done." I said.

And I felt his hand on my arm.

"I will bring you back on me, I'll promise, I won't give up on you, I will do something so I can take you back babe, i promise." he said, and I remove his hand on my arm, I ran so I can go outside quickly.

I enter on the car, and I signalled my driver to go back in home.

I can't stop my tears flowing, I can't fight our love, I'm not strong to fight our love back.

Sorry hanbin, I'm really sorry, I promise, I will try not to fall back to that evil woman.

Lisa POV
'That's too dramatic' I said in my thoughts, while watching a sad scene here in café.

"Madam are you okay?" Mr. Park said.

"Yeah I'm fine, your totally broke all of my thoughts thanks to you" I savagely said.

"oh, I apologise" he politely said.
"Nah it's fine, I'm just watching those two couples broke up in café, they have a nice location to broke up." I bitterly said.

"Madam, that's too bitter of you, why don't you try to date sometime?" he said.

"Are you making fun of me huh?, I'm done with those fake love, I'm done with that person who always leave me." I seriously said.

"I apologise Madam, I didn't that someone hurt you so bad." he apologies.

"Stop apologising Mr. Park, that's in my past now, I've already erase them" I said and he nodded.

"BTW do I have an appointment tomorrow?" I asked.

"Yes you have, in 8:30am, you have an appointment on Ms. Nanc-" I cut him off.

"Cancel all of my appointments, and give me an reservation in Thai café" I said.

"Madam, I can't cancel your appointment in Kim Industries, because that's very important." Mr. Park Demand.

"I'll try my best to go there" I said and he nodded.

"You have an reservation now in Thai café Madam."he said and I nodded.

"Drive me home now, I don't have in mood to go in office today." I said and he nodded.

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