Unrequited Love (2)

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"Young Miss," Yang came in calling Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was glad. She was saved. She can finally leave the perverted man!

No wait! It is her room! Why should she leave?

She looked at Lan Jing and eyed him to leave.

But, Lan Jing looked away, pretending as if he did not see her. He continued to sit there and watch the two.

Just then, two women came through the door. It was Han Susu and Han Xiwei. Both came into the room and immediately raised both of their eyebrows. 

"Bringing a man into the house already?" Han Susu sneered. 

"Already has a fiance and still dare to?" Han Xiwei followed. 

Both of them only saw the back of Lan Jing. If they saw his face, they wouldn't dare say anything, but of course they didn't.

Chu Feng looked at Han Xiwei and Han Susu. She sighed in her heart. These two are really meant to be mob characters who just throw away their life. It's like they are handing their life to her.

"Sisters, this is Lan Jing." Chu Feng wanted to stop them before they court death. Lan Jing is not a simple man. He's the second male lead after all.

Han Xiwei's and Han Susu's face darkened, then lit up again. 

"Little sister, even if you try to scare us, we know that no man is dumb enough to visit you," replied Han Susu. 

Han Xiwei, on the other hand, walked to check the man's face. This time, her face stayed darkened and her mouth shut. It was really Lan Jing. She shook her head to signal at Han Susu.

But Han Susu is really Han Susu. 

"What's wrong with you Xiwei?" Han Susu didn't even understand what Han Xiwei was doing. She walked over to Han Xiwei and looked at the man's face. Her mouth dropped to the floor.

"Stared long enough?" Lan Jing smiled, but there was no warmth. He stood up and walked over to Chu Feng. His hands wrapped around her waist and his head leaned on her shoulders, making them seem so intimate.

Chu Feng got shivers top to bottom. She immediately pushed him away yet she couldn't. Earlier, she was able to but what now?

Han Susu and Han Xiwei just stared at the two, along with Yang. All three mob character's mouth was wide open. They stared and were left speechless.

But they weren't the only one who were speechless. Chu Feng just could not say anything! She had to no words left to describe this man. 

Lan Jing tightened his hug and felt two buns against his chest. Then, he looked to make eye contact with Chu Feng and held up her chin. 

This man! 

Chu Feng knew exactly what was going to happen next. He was going in for a kiss! 

But before Chu Feng could do anything, a red crystal was thrown between them, almost slicing off Lan Jing's lips. 

Grandfather Han! 

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