Shinobi: Gessen

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News Reporter: From what happened yesterday seemed to be considered such a destructive event as a small neighborhood was almost half damaged by what witnesses seemed to describe as a tragedy that was happened out of nowhere. Police and law enforcement are currently investigating so that they can understand what really happened. 

(Y/N) changes the channels until he stops at a cartoon show. 

When the fighting outside happend for like a few hours, it kinda stopped and (Y/N) saw that they disappeared and the neighborhood looked like it was destroyed by a tornado. After like two weeks, (Y/N) changed his classes to online since that he didn't want to risk going out and getting caught unnoticed. So after taking care of some homework, he decides to go to the next page.

 So after taking care of some homework, he decides to go to the next page

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Name: Yumi

Age: 18

Faction: Gessen Academy

Blood Type: A

Hair Color: Dark Grey

Eye Color: Icy Blue

Height: 5'5

Bust: 92 cm

Cup Size: G

Waist: 56cm

Hip: 84 cm

Animal Guardian: Spider

(Y/N): Don't like spiders. (Almost got bitten by one when I was a kid.)

Hobby: Calligraphy

Favorite Food: Shaved Ice with Azuki

(Y/N): Hm. Azuki beans? (Wonder if they taste good.)

Personality: Shows a icy personality outside, but holds such love like a big sister for her teammates on the inside.

Weapon: Fans, Ice Sword

Backstory: When Yumi was only eight years old, her mother and father were deemed to be dead on the mission and no one would even tell her since the funeral. But on that day, she was then approached by a scarred face man who asked her if she really wanted to know the truth of what happened to her parents. She said yes. And ever since, she then would become a Shinobi so that she can become better than before.

As (Y/N) closed the Encyclopedia, he gives a nod in understatement as he sees a glow and ignores it. When we went downstairs to get a scoop of coconut ice cream, he feels a slight breeze at the back of his head. He turns to the kitchen table to see a black and gold fan and examines it. When he flicks it, he sees blades retracting from it and sees a small note tied to it.

"Look after yourself."

(Scene Change)

It was a new day and (Y/N) just finished his small exercise session in the garage. As he went to have a cup of apple juice, he opened to the next page of the Encyclopedia.

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