Witnessing from the Shadows

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A few days have passed and it was quite quiet since then. (Y/N) figured that it was normal but something was amiss. That is when he heard like arguing coming from inside and sees some multiple lights. With a little bit of curiosity, he tears a small dent of black opaque glazed window and sees the Hanzo girls and the Crimson Squad preparing for the fight.

 Homura: Stay out of our way, Asuka!

Asuka: No, we won't let you lay a finger on him!

Homura: *groans* We have no time for this. Get them, girls!

They started to charge towards each other and started fighting all over the neighborhood. (Y/N) tapes back the paper while witnessing the destruction happening outside of his house. He tiptoes to the front door and quickly places the sign on the door and locks it. 

"Danger! Stay Away!"

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