24: Dragonoid 2

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2nd pov

"Natsu!" You yelled and ran up to the hole that lies casually on the ground as if it did nothing. You kneeled before it.

You studied the pit and stuck your hand in and immediately felt like some of your magic have been drained. You yanked back your hand and gave a glare to the ice mage and Daphne.

"Hm. Even though we didn't get you in there like I hoped, we still managed to get Salamander." Daphne smirked.

Then, Wendy walked in and panicked as she entered the room with no Natsu in sight.

"So your true intention was to lure Natsu and Y/n here without causing them harm?" Carla asked.

"Yup, Natsu may be strong but I used my brain. And I tried to help Daphne by lowering Y/ns' power but it seems it wasn't enough." He smirked. You clenched your fists tightly, your nails digging into your skin, drawing blood and letting them trickle down your wrist.

"You're a lier! You only won because you cheated!" Happy yelled. Suddenly, he was grasped and was now held above the pit.

"You can join him if you want furball!" Gray said as he held a struggling Happy.

"Yes, yes, quit fooling around you imbeciles, it took this much effort to get the important part half of my experiment!" She exclaimed as she held six fingers up.

"So trapping Natsu and I was your goal from the start?" You asked, eyes filled with rage.

"Yes...now my research can finally begin." She said, looking down in the pit.

*Over at Natsu.*

"Happy, can you hear me? Wendy, you there!?" He yelled, no answer. He gritted his teeth and clench his fists. Then someone popped into his head, someone who will know where he is 24/7.

"Y/n! You there!? Are you okay?! Are you hurt!? Please answer me! Testing, testing one, two, three!" Natsu yelled and he felt a wave of worried washed over him.

Then, fire appeared in front of him. Dancing before him, shining its' bright light through his eyes.

*Flashback *

"Woah! Dragon eggs!" A young Natsu exclaimed as he peered down at the egg shell.

"I bet Igneel is up ahead!" He said and took off running to a town.

"Igneel! Are you there!? Don't leave me, I want to come with you!" Natsu yelled as he is running.

*End of Flashback*

"Igneel...I remembered that egg..and the town was dead quiet..." He muttered. His eyes widened as realization hit him hard like a brick.

"A city without sound!" Natsu exclaimed.

Then his body was caught in lightning and Natsu couldn't do anything but scream..

*At Y/n and the gang.*

"Natsu!" She yelled as she heard his scream.

"What- what the hell is going on!?" Y/n yelled, her voice demanding but eyes filled with worry for her Salmon hair friend.

"Just the fun part." She chuckled.

"Screw it." Y/n growled and leaped. Before she can enter the dark domain, she was yanked back by her cloak. She groaned slightly and looked up to be met with cold eyes.

While somewhere else, in a particular guild, another ice mage felt a sudden urge to punch someone and take Y/n...

"You're not going down there!" Gray yelled. Y/n eyes narrowed and she glared sharply at the pathetic excuse for a Fairy Tail waizard that stood a feet away from her.

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