Shinobi: Haruka

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Name: Haruka

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Name: Haruka

Age: 18

Faction: Crimson Squad

Blood Type: AB

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Height: 5'7

Bust: 99 cm

Cup Size: I

Waist: 55 cm

Hip: 88 cm

Animal Guardian: Japanese Keelback

Hobby: Doll making

Favorite Food: Sweetened kombu

Personality: (Ryuu: You know what type of a person she is.)

*Some time skips due to (Y/N) screaming on a pillow*

Weapons: Chemicals/Puppet

Backstory: Haruka's mother truly loved her daughter and treated her like a doll. Her father was a doctor, but was a very corrupt one when she found out that he started having various affairs with his female patients. Boiling with pure hatred for them, she almost went to burn their house down but Rin prevented her from going any further. From her mentorship, Haruka mastered puppetry skills. With what she learned, she forced her father to admit his corrupted sins and that made her be accepted into Hebijo Academy. 

After (Y/N) closes the Encyclopedia, he sees it glowing and prepares himself for it. After he went downstairs, he checks the refrigerator. and sees a flask with a pink liquid in it. He slowly closes the refrigerator door and draws out the dagger that he found and checks the house. 

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