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Everyone was gathered in the grand hall, being told where their next mission would be to collect hearts, and which organization member would accompany them. I on the other hand was being told nothing. I didn't quite understand what was going on. So out of boredom I flicked rubber bands at the back of the necks of Demyx, Ashtcher, and Axel at the same time.

"Ow!" they all said. I giggled with amusement on the inside.

"Why does this keep happening to me?!" Demyx exclaimed as he stomped with his feet and whined like a little boy. I giggled on the inside. Then Renxsuke, hidden by his hood once again, appeared next to me.

"You should stop doing that."

"You're bad luck Demyx!" Axel said.

"Im the furthest from it!"

"Hmmm...." I said to Renxsuke. "You are in no position to tell me what to do, I can do what I want," I teased. He knew I was mocking him.

He growled, "..Whatever..suit yourself.."

"Come on, you know it's funny a little to see him lose it."

"Maybe a little," he chuckled, and then his voice got serious again. "...But that's not the point."

As all the different voices yelling soon merged into laughter, Xemnas walked into the hall, he seemed to glide as he walked. He gave an ominous presense to room that made everyone simply froze and looked his way. Then he looked to me, his crimson orange eyes as blank as the expression on his face of stone.

"Ayame,' he spoke as everyone then looked to me. "Come, I must speak with you." I got up from where I was sitting and began to walk towards him. As I walked i felt many different eyes on me, either full of wonder, curiosity...or jealousy. I felt as if I was walking a death march.

When I reached him, he gestured for me to follow him and we just walked the halls. "I need you to do something for me."

"Of course."

"There is someone you must aid, he is quite clever and we could use him to our benefit."

"Alright, where am I headed?"

"To a world called the 'Pride Lands', the being you are looking for goes by the name of Scar."

"I'll leave now," I said as I started to turn around.

"No," he stopped me and I turned. "No one needs to know you are leaving," he created a portal in the hallway. "Leave here, this doesn't concern a tone else."

"Yes," I said walked through the portal and it vanished behind me.

When I walked the portal, instead of being on two feet I was on all fours, with Two Across in my mouth. "What?" I muttered to myself around and turned around seeing I had a tail. Then I looked down seeing I had paws. I was a lion cub. "-_-.....yet again this would've been nice information to know."

Even though in this form I was still able to put Two Across away, well now I know Scar isn't a person, he's a lion. I started to walk across the rocky, dusty, lands as I was trying to get used to walking as a lion. I slowly moved my walk into a run, as I ran a veiw came into my vision, the view of a large rock. When I got closed in on it, I saw that there were other lions there, but there was one lioness that set her eyes on me.

She approached me in a way, that gave her a precense of having a sweet disposition. Her coat was a light tan cold, a bright gold like the sun, and blue eyes. "Hello there, I don't think I've seen you around Pride Rock before? I'm Nala."

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