Thirty Seven

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"Eve?" she heard.

"Eve?" she heard a second time after a couple moments. Eve opened her eyes to see Natasha, Peter, and Bucky kneeling over her. Past them was the familiar walls of the quinjet.

"Steve?" Eve asked them. They all looked up towards the back of the jet. She leaned up on her elbows and turned to see Steve unconscious in the back.

"Took me back to the good old days," Bucky said as Eve turned back around. When she started to sit up, Peter began talking.

"Dude you freaking exploded, do you know how crazy that was? I thought a bomb went off! You pushed me out the window, which was kind of rude, then lightning just absolutely demolished everything! You were so hot I could barely touch you!" Peter amazed, but then realized what he said. "Wait, that's not what I meant–"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Bucky shook his head while holding back a laugh. Eve realized then that her suit was all tattered and ripped.

"Tony, I thought you made a suit that could handle me," Eve asked him, making him turn around to her.

"Yeah, you see I made a suit that could withstand the daily scratches and bumps, not an explosion," Tony answered her.

"And Loki?" Eve then questioned.

"Thor took care of him," Natasha told her. Eve nodded as Tony began landing the jet in the Avengers Compound field.

The team all grabbed their stuff and headed to the compound. Bucky carried Steve over his shoulder to bring him inside.

"How did you manage to knock out Captain America?" Eve asked as she walked along side Bucky.

"I don't even want to talk about how much that hurt," Bucky responded, making Eve laugh at him. He didn't really care if she laughed at him. Bucky is just glad she is laughing and safe back with him. After that explosion, he knew it was her so he just took Steve's shield and beamed him across the head twice to quickly end it.

Eve stepped in front of Bucky to open the door for him and stepped back. He began to walk in, but not before leaning over to kiss her then continuing to the med room.

Once there, Bucky set Steve down on one of the beds as Tony's med bots began to inspect Steve.

"He'll be fine," Eve smiled a comforting smile to Bucky. She slid her hand from the top of his arm down to lock their hands together as they walked out of the room.

Late that night, Bucky sat by Steve's bed side, waiting for him to wake up. Eve was asleep in her room and Bucky was the only one awake.

The low golden light above Steve's bed lit the room, casting shadows against Bucky's face. He laid back relaxed in his chair while thoughts ran through his mind. The thoughts were always of Eve.

Bucky imagined having their own house. Waking up to only her in the morning. Making her breakfast as she talked to him while she sat on the counter. Having lazy days, just laying on the couch all day. Taking her out to wherever she wanted to go.

Just the two of them.

No more danger. No more fighting. No more wars. He was tired of it. It's been all he's ever had, but now he has Eve. Someone who makes him laugh. Someone who makes him feel like a normal person that can have a good life, even despite all that he has done.

She loves him. He is loved. And the best part is he actually feels loved. And nothing is better than feeling loved by Eve.

"Steve, I don't know if you're awake or not, but I think I want to leave. I think I want to have a life with Eve," Bucky spoke slowly as if he was hesitantly not wanting to be judged while talking.

"I'm happy for you, Buck," Steve groggily responded, making Bucky quickly sit up and lean forward. He watched as Steve slowly opened his eyes.

"Steve?" Bucky asked hopeful.

"Life has taken a lot from you. I think it's time you take some back," Steve told him. Bucky's eyes teared up from Steve's comment. If there was anyone he'd stay here for, it was Steve.

"Thank you," Bucky's voice faltered as he placed his hand in Steve's open hand on the bed. Steve could tell by the actions of Bucky that this meant more to him than anything else.

After 15 minutes of catching up, Bucky made his way upstairs. He walked down the hallway leading to Eve's room to check on her. He gently placed his hand on the doorknob to slowly open the door.

Bucky peeked his head in to see Eve passed out under her blankets while laying on her stomach. He could see her hair fanned around her head as he walked closer to her. Bucky let out a silent, small laugh at the sight of her.

For a moment, he decided going back to his own room, but voted against it. Instead he walked around to the other side of the bed and carefully laid down to not wake her. He then rolled closer to her, also laying on his stomach with his arm lazily draped over her.

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