Chapter 1

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"They're the pick of Southampton, sir",  Harvey smiled at Chief engineer Bell, "The very best,"  he looked down at his list. "This way, men", he motioned , for the hundreds of unemployed men to come through. Bell watched them walk by with a broad smile. One of the last ones to step forward was Johnathan Shepherd. He had been just pervious junior assistant second engineer on the Olympic. Bell went over to greet him, "Shepherd", he shook his hand firmly, "Welcome to the Titanic, Shepherd". Shepherd, having no idea who this man was, just smiled at him. Bell turned to the turbines, "Well, what do you think of her?", "Can't tell yet, sir, she's not the Olympic, Not what I'm used to is all", he looked at Bell, "I feel unfaithful", he didn't know why he was telling Bell how he felt of all people, he didn't even know this guy! Except that he was clearly an officer of some sort, but he felt like he could trust him. "Wife or mistress, I tell ya, she's perfect", "I can see that, yes", Shepherd nodded in agreement. Bell patted Shepherd on the shoulder, "She's all yours, Shepherd"; something about that sentence seemed off and almost made Shepherd laugh, dirty minded Shepherd perhaps? Bell walked away from the younger assist and smiled to himself. For the duration of the day, Bell couldn't stop thinking of Shepherd.  It was starting to freak him out, he was just another officer to everyone else, but to Bell he was the world. 

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