The Boy In My History Class!

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"Miss. Monsanna," a screeching voice choked out, "I don not appreciate people sleeping in My classroom!"

A wave of snickers covered the class. My head snapped up to face Miss. Dolge; I was so tired, I need the sleep! Couldn't the teacher respect that? I guess not, why don't I have a bit of fun!

"Sorry Miss, but this lesson is so boring! Everyone Knows how to do history!" I said tiredly, " can't we all just leave? I mean you've taught us this before!"

The class shuffled nervously, as if waiting for the teacher to answer. Her face was hard, showing no emotion, of course she wasn't going to let us go- she had one of the worst reputation in the school! I turned my head to see what everyone looked like. I had never really looked at who was in the class, let alone who sat next to me! There was no one who I actually liked here. OMG, sitting next to me was thehottest boy ever! Of course he didn't like me, but why was he sitting next to me when he usually sat with all the other guys at the back? (Did I mention that there are only guys in this class- except from me-, my class, out of all classes, why did it have to be mine?). Snapping out of my state I realised I was still staring at him! Turning his head his gaze fell on me! I felt my face heat up, he had realised I was staring at him, most probably everyone here realised! He smiled a jerky smirk (A/N lol that rhymes!), and his emerald eyes glistened, catching the light. Tearing my gaze from him, I looked up at the teacher. Her eyes flicked into joy and amusement. I must be hallucinating!

" What a good idea Lissa!" she squealed, " you are all free to go!"

Hurrying to get all my stuff, I headed to the door. By now everyone had gone and it was only me and the classroom! The door creaked open to reveal the mystery boy. Trying to get passed the guy, I turned to my side and pushed passed. A warm hand grabbed my upper arm and span me round! Shocked, I tried to rip my arm out of his grip, only for him to make it painfully tighter.

"Umm... excuse me, but if you would let go, I would be very grateful." I whispered.

His face was a picture, he looked worried - would it for me? Of course not - his hand immediately loosened, and I shrugged him off. I wondered what he wanted? And what was with Miss Dolge?

I left him staring after me, he is one weird person! Lost in thoughts, I closed my eyes to relax myself. 'BAM'! I fell to the floor! Ouch! I moaned in pain, a blurry shape crowded my view.

"Oh I'm sssooo ssssoooo sorry! Is your head ok? I should have looked where I was going, I'm so sorry!" a muffled voice...

WAIT, what did I bump into? Oh sh**! I felt my face heat up! I bumped in to someone! Strong arm clasped my waist, and I felt someone haul me up! Spinning around lightening fast, I felt hands still clutching my waist, holding me close! My face must be the colour of beetroot by now, I looked away form the face not wanting to see who it was, and so they could not see the colour of my face! Trying but falling to pull away I looked at the person... Staring into a pair of dazzling aqua eyes! I melted under the gaze of the mystery man! Pulling back a little bit, I saw the face of the guy! SH** SH** SH**, he was the guy from history! Another Blush crept across my face- I don't think it could be seen thought, because my face was probably bright red! By now the hall was crowded and most people had stopped to look at us! Chuckling, he turned my head to face his, inching dangerously close his lips brushed mine as he whispered softly, "what's your name?"

"That's what I should be asking you, Mister Mysterious!" I mumbled back.

Chuckling, he pulled back, leaving me feeling barren and frigid.

"By the way, Name's Adrian, Adrian Tottal!"

"Alright Adrian, Adrian Tottal see you soon!" I giggled, I don't know what had come over me, I'm never like that!

Well they do say meeting new people brings out a new side in you.

"And your?" He requested.

I just sauntered off, I guess he'll have to find out on his own! I sighed walking off to my next class, leaving him dumbfounded.

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