It Never Ends (+18 Warning)

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My eyes began to slowly open. I still had that same old empty feeling from yesterday. And also another feeling.

Like someone was touching me...

I shifted the covers off me quickly to see that Bethany was laying in between my legs with my shorts around my knees and my dick in her mouth.

I felt my face flush up red as I came to terms with what was happening.

She looked up at me and smiled with my dick still in her mouth.

She took it out and giggled.

Bethany: Good morning dear! I heard waking a guy up this way was supposed to make him feel happy!

I quickly pushed her away from me and I pulled my shorts up, covering my self.

I then pulled my knees to my chest and I sat there with an immensely red face.

Bethany sat next to me and giggled in my ear.

Bethany: you don't have to be shy around me darling, besides I've seen it all before!

I looked at her in disgust.

Bethany: oh don't give me that look! Besides one day we're gonna have children! And We have to do special things if we want to have children!

I looked away from her as to try and keep my self from losing my temper with her.

I felt her rest her head in the crook of my shoulder before kissing up to my jaw from my neck.

Bethany: well then! We've gotta get ready! We've got a holiday to go on!

She stood up and I could see that there was a suitcase on the floor with some clothes packed in there for me and her.

I frowned at this

Bethany: what's the matter? You don't look happy at all

She sat back down next to me and she rested her chin on my knees, staring directly into my eyes with our faces mere centimetres apart.

Bethany: come on darling, you can tell me anything!

(Y/n): i-I don't wanna g-go...

Bethany: aw what? But why not?

(Y/n): I-i wanna go home....

Bethany sighed sadly before taking her chin off my knees.

Bethany: look, I understand you want to go back to your old house but this is where you live now! With me, Ryan and his...thing...that he keeps in his room...

I knew she was talking about Kylie and I had to try my absolute hardest to not tackle her to the floor.

Bethany: and besides, we're going to my parents house and we can see just how big the building is!

I had stopped listening to her ramble on now. I couldn't get the image of Kylie bent over the counter out of my head. She looked horrified and scared. I had never seen her look like that before.

If there was ever something I wanted to would be to murder Ryan with my own bare hands

There was simply nothing more that I wanted. I had to get us alone together and then from there I don't care what happened, as long as I at least tried to wipe that sickening grin off his face.

I looked back up at Bethany to see she was waiting for me to answer to something.

(Y/n): i-I'm s-sorry...I blanked o-out...

Bethany: well I said you're coming with us whether you like it or not!

(Y/n): o-oh...

Bethany then stood back up before holding her hand out to me.

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