Chapter 24

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"Are we almost there?" Kora asked from her seat besides Lance.

"In about 5 minutes." Keith said. "If you look out the window you might be able to start seeing the water."

Kora turned her head so she could see out the window. Keith turned around to look at Lance.

'You might want to video tape this.' Keith mouthed to his soulmate.

Lance nodded and took his phone out preparing for the reaction.

"KEEF!" Kora yelled amazed. "Is that it!"

"Yes it is." Keith said.

"Wow! That's so cool! Look at all the people- PUPPY!!!" She laughed.

Keith watched his little sister amused.

"Ance. Keef?" Kora said sounding a bit confused.

"Hm?" Lance hummed and stopped recording.

"Didn't we see those people at the store?" She questioned her eyebrows furrowed in concentration as she stared at Hunk and Shay who were getting out of the vehicle with their families.

"That's them." Lance confirmed. "Looks like the others are here as well."

Just as Lance said, their friends were unpacking the vehicles and grabbing what they needed.

"Keef." Kora whispered. "I scared."

"Kora. It's going to be okay." Keith mumbled. "Trust me."

Kora didn't reply as her mother parked the car. She was worried about meeting the others. She feared they wouldn't like her. Or worse. Treat her like her father did.

Keith noticed his sisters silence and took it as a bad sign.

"Mom." He whispered. "I'm going to take Kora for a walk along side the beach. I'm just going to relax her nerves. If that's alright with you?"

"Go ahead. I'll get Lance to help me unpack." Krolia answered.

"Kora." Keith spoke softly. "Let's go for a walk and stretch your legs."

"Okay." Kora mumbled quietly.

Keith walked over to her door, helping the tiny girl out of the car. The two then walked away from all the vehicles and down to the beach.

"Who is with Keith?" Adam questioned his soulmate as he seen Keith walk off with Kora.

"I'm not sure." Shiro replied. "I have a feeling that they will explain later."

"Kora. How are you feeling right now?" Keith asked.

"I'm scared." She admitted looking over the water, watching all the people swim or pass a ball.


"What if your friends don't like me. Or they treat me like Fa-"

"No." Keith stopped her. "They aren't like that. Kora, you have nothing to be worried about. I promise."

"What are they like?" Kora questioned looking up at her older brother.

"I'll start with Shiro."


"Keith went to take Kora for a walk. He's going to try and calm her down." Krolia said.

"Understandable." Lance said taking the cooler out of the back of the car. "She's meeting a lot of new people today."

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