Shinobi: Mirai

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A few days have passed since that horrible incident and (Y/N) has barricaded his whole house and hasn't even saw the sun. As of now, he is sitting on his bed and has the Encyclopedia in front of him and starts to remember what the man said to him before he died.

Man: You have to finish that it can all go away.

Since that he has no other choice, he then grabs a flashlight and proceeds to read the next page.

Since that he has no other choice, he then grabs a flashlight and proceeds to read the next page

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Name: Mirai

Age: 15

Faction: Crimson Squad

Blood Type: A

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Red

Height: 5'0

Bust: 62 cm

Cup Size: A

Waist: 48 cm

Hip: 59 cm

Animal Guardian: Pit Viper

Hobby: Internet

Favorite Food: Stew

Personality: Short tempered and hates being ignored, but deeply cares about her comrades. 

Weapons: Alteisen Machine Gun, Grenade Launcher

Backstory: Due to her being bullied by other kids, Mirai became distrustful to other people. But when she became a student at Hebijo Academy, she saw this as a chance to make friends. But due to an uncertain incident, she made the choice to run away in fear of her classmates hurting her. But when they caught up to her, they have accepted her of being loved like if she is their sister.

This made (Y/N) kind of jealous. He used to get picked on for either being too thin or that was a little small. But no one had ever stood up to him. As he sighed silently. He closes the Encyclopedia and then notices what was happening. He sees the book glow from inside. 

(Y/N): What the heck?

As the glow was gone, he opens the front cover and sees that it was just the blank page.

(Y/N): Weird...

He sets it on his Study Desk and goes downstairs to grab a drink in the fridge. After grabbing a can of Root Beer, he goes back inside his room and sees a Trident Mark 2 LMG. He then gets a notification on his computer and reads the email. 

"I think you'll be needing it."

From: Hebijo Unknown.

Taking this as a warning. He grabs the LMG and makes a recorded video on his phone.

(Y/N): If I don't survive, then listen closely. You must find the Encyclopedia. If you can finish it, this will all end. 

He then ends the video.


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