Chapter Thirty One

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Annabelle's PoV

The first thing I noticed when I woke up was the smell. It was the smell of damp and rust, the smell I would recognise anywhere from the dream I had not so long ago. I knew, without even opening my eyes, where I was.

I groaned as my body became more aware of how sore it was and reached my hand up to touch a particular tender spot on my temple but flinched as I felt burning around my wrist. What was that?!

I looked down and saw in the dim light a pair of silver hand cuffs attached to both of my wrists and ankles, keeping me relatively motionless in my spot on the cold damp floor.

"Are you alright Annabelle?" I heard a voice whisper not to far away from me and I shot up in alarm but calmed down when I found Xavier, bloodied and bruised next to me.

I sighed and took a mental check of my body before nodding and looking over to him. "I'm fine, nothing I haven't dealt with before. Do you know where we are?"

Xavier nodded next to me but he didn't look happy about it, if anything he looked semi defeated.

"That bad hu?"

He sighed and looked down into his lap with a shrug "I don't know what to tell you Annabelle, we're slap bang in the middle of Alpha Parker's territory and underground. Even if Jax and the other could find us they're going to have a hard time getting to us".

I sighed and rested my head back against the cold stone wall that was currently keeping me upright. "Could you mind link the pack maybe? Tell Jax where we are and see if there's anything he can do?"

"I can't, we're bound in silver chains. The pain my wolf is going through right now means he is in no fit state to try and reach out to anybody, let alone someone so far away. I'm sorry Annabelle".

I shrugged "it's alright, it was worth a shot, I mean I asked for this right? Don't worry I'll make sure they release you too".

Before Xavier could answer the door to our cell opened and bright artificial light streamed into the room making both of us wince in pain. My head hurt before but with the added blinding light it was almost making it unbearable.

"Ahh your awake, good. I was wondering if maybe my guy hit you to hard and killed you".

As my eyes slowly adjusted to the light I started to made out a figure silhouetted in the light of the doorway.

"Who are you? Where's Alpha Parker?" Xavier growled as he tried but failed to get in front of me the restraints around his ankles and wrists prevented his from being anywhere near me.

"Alpha Parker is currently... indisposed at the moment so you lucky bunch get me instead".

I frowned at him, there was something familiar about him. "You smell like Alpha Parker" I muttered. I hadn't realised I had said it aloud until I felt two sets of eyes on me.

"Why yes I do" the stranger smiled at me, but it was far from comforting. "You see we believe that the moon goddess didn't create mates to make us whole, she did it to make us weak. She saw that we were becoming more powerful than anything, more powerful than even her, and so created the mate bond to tame us and make us vulnerable. Without our natural scent, we are undetectable and so our mates will never recognise us."

The stranger sounded happy, smug even, as he explained how he found a way to block the mate bond.

I looked at him in shock, "why wouldn't you want to experience something as amazing as the mate bond? I didn't even know what it was two weeks ago and now I can't imagine my life without it".

"Exactly" the stranger stated and leaned against the door frame, completely at ease. "Because of your mate bond you are now linked to that stupid Alpha of yours for life. If you were mateless you would of had no reason to give yourself over to us but because of him your Luna instincts kicked in and you just had to save your pack."

I scowled at him and leaned towards him, ignoring the bite in my wrists as my skin reacted to the silver shackles. "Let me make one thing very clear" I growled "even if I wasn't mated to Jax, or mated to anybody in this pack, I would still make the same choice. I would still choose saving them over myself any day".

The stranger smirked "seems like someone's grown a back bone since leaving the Leftens".

My blood suddenly ran cold at the mention of their names and I subconsciously shrunk back in on myself. He knew the Leftens. He knew Damon.

The strangers smirk grew, as if knowing that just the mere mention of their name was enough to make me shrink back in fear.

"They are going to be so happy that we found you, they have been worried sick since you ran away".

My heart started to race and my palms started to sweat. I couldn't go back there, not after knowing what it was like to not wake up every morning in fear.

The stranger took a step closer to me but before I had anytime to react Xavier let out an almighty roar and went for the strangers throat, unconcerned with the burning of his skin. "You stay away from our Luna".

The stranger only smirked, unconcerned with the angry beta that was only a few feet away from him, tied up with just a few chains of silver.

The reminder that Xavier was here with me gave me a little strength. It reminded me that I was now a werewolf and a Luna and no one could take that away from me.

"Xavier enough" I yelled, replicating how Jax sounds when he yells at someone. I needed to get my people out of here.

Xavier slowly calmed down and the stranger turned away from him and looked at me. "Not bad for an inexperienced Luna, not bad at all".

I ignored what he said and looked at him square in the eye, showing no sign of weakness, I needed to get this done.

"Let him go, let them all go, and then I will do whatever you want".

The stranger suddenly laughed and I stared at him confused. "Now you are showing your inexperienced".

I carried on staring at him, the confusion written clear as day on my face but as I looked over to Xavier I could tell he wasn't confused at all. He was angry.

"Oh Annabelle, we had no intention of letting any of your captured pack members go" the stranger said as he turned his back on us and started to make his way out of our cell "They were just bait to get you here and now that we have you... well let's just say we will no longer be needing their services".

So who guessed that they weren't actually going to let anyone go after they had captured Annabelle? 🙋‍♀️

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