Chapter 40: Dom

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Good morning. Hope you're doing better. Could you come by sometime today?

I pressed send and set my phone down, already feeling the dread settle in my stomach for Kat's answer. It had been two days since I watched her run away from me and lock herself inside, and already I was having to fight the urge to drive over there and break down the door.

When I went over there with Ryan that day, I expected to be coming home with Kat and things mostly patched up. I never thought I'd leave not only without her but also without a hope that our situation would be improving anytime soon.

My phone buzzed in the palm of my hand.

Hey. Do you need something?

Great, now I needed an excuse to see her?

I quickly typed back: Just to talk.

My phone sat on the kitchen counter for several minutes with no response. I watched it, waiting and willing it to light up and vibrate with a response from her, saying how she'd love to come over. After seven minutes of silence, she finally responded.

I'll be there in a bit.

There was zero excitement to be seen in her message, but at least she was coming over. After two days of conversation between us that consisted only of me checking up on her every few hours and her giving me one sentence answers, I would gladly take this as a win.

"She coming over?" Ryan came around the corner into the kitchen about five minutes later, beer in hand.

I shrugged and headed for the fridge. "Says she is."

"Yeah, we'll see if she sticks to it."

"She will," I said, yanking the fridge door open. "If she says she's going to do something, she means it."

"Man, if Layla treated me how Kat's been treating you since she got back, I'd be in hell."

"I am." I popped the cap off the beer I'd grabbed, hearing it clink on the counter. "But I also think Layla went through about a quarter of what Kat did."

"Did she open up about any of it yet?"

"Not much." I didn't expect Kat to tell me every detail of what happened while she was in that house, but I did expect more than she was giving up. All I had to go on was that at some point, someone had hurt her to some unknown degree.

That could mean someone hit her, strangled her, or something much worse that I couldn't even consider without feeling nauseous.

I couldn't stomach the idea that someone who wasn't me had their hands on my girl without her consent. She hadn't confirmed nor denied if she'd been assaulted sexually while she was there, and the notion that she had kept me up at night with vengeance boiling my blood.

"It's not like I expect her to run to me and cry about everything that happened. Hell would have to freeze over before that happened, but she's not giving me anything now." Taking a quick swig of my beer, I continued. "I would just like a little something, ya know?"

"Yeah, I know, man."

I sat down on a stool, setting my beer down too. The resounding disappointment I was feeling dropped my head into my hands as I muttered, "I know she's back, but it still feels like she's gone."

I missed the woman who disappeared from my life six weeks ago. Six weeks didn't seem like a lot of time but these past six weeks felt like they'd taken ten years off of my life and even more off of Kat's. When she left, she was already wounded enough from her mom's death but now...

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